Brazen Soul Rebellion, Your Guide to Your Life Purpose

December 3, 2018
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Get ready to blast through your blockages.

With the goal of living our life’s purpose as our purpose in life, we are succumbed to engage in every new trend of alternative wellness (or sometimes, not). Ready or not, the metaphysical world of energy healing is making its way into our self care routines — and Brazen Soul Rebellion showed us just how to do it.

We joined Reiki Master, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, Transformative Life Coach and Brazen Soul Rebellion Founder, Giulia Halkier, at her beautiful and tranquil Werklab treatment room, and got the full-on Brazen Soul Rebellion experience.

We sat with this brazen bombshell to get to the bottom of why we sucked at trying to get to where we wanted to be in life. Whether the convo was deep or just scraped the surface — we decided the level of disclosure. People say that Reiki is daunting because of the high trust level that is involved and we don’t contest it. If we had felt any doubt, we would have bolted but Giulia had us upon smelling the palo santo.

Tip: Prepare yourself to be as vulnerable AF because Giulia has no judgement. This field of work isn’t for everyone but if you’re even just looking to get your feet wet, Giulia will guide you. But, you set the pace.

Using her energy-flowing hands, Giulia guided us in a body scan and focused on our weakest energy points. Her healing session helped to cleanse blockages, balance chakras and relaxed us to the point of near numbness. Our third eye was also dancing like no one was watching under our eye mask. We felt exhausted afterwards but incredibly motivated. By the end of the session, we had a take-away with steps to remind us on how to overcome our resistances — and we were then that much closer to reaching our life’s purpose.