Werklab, the Future of Co-Working

September 26, 2018
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Werklab reimagines the traditional concept of co-working by encouraging mindfulness in a new 8,000-square-foot space in East Vancouver’s Strathcona neighbourhood.

Why shouldn’t going to work be something you look forward to, in a space that inspires you and that you share with like-minded individuals. That is the question Christina Disler, founder of Werklab, asks. The answer, of course, is yes it should.

“My goal in opening Werklab was to offer a space and resources to help facilitate the growth and self-development of freelancers, entrepreneurs and businesses who think outside of the box” says Disler. The concept behind the new space stems from her belief that our jobs and our health should not be mutually exclusive.

“So often we’re forced to make the choice between the two, which is why Werklab is so much more than just a place to work,” she says. Set in an industrial building at the corner of Clark and Venables, the Werklab space features over 100 mobile member seats, offices and a boardroom, along with a reception area, kitchen, and three walls of windows that provide bright, natural light. Re-imagining the traditional concept of co-working, the new space encourages mindfulness and a focus on health and wellness by providing members with access to a designated meditation area, on-site energy healing practitioner and aromatherapy bar, along with a Mindful Studio that will offer complimentary guided meditations, sound baths, yoga and movement classes.

The first of its kind in Canada, Werklab’s multifaceted workspace is the modern-day “work club”, where community, wellness and personal growth are paramount. “We provide a space where mindfulness and physical and mental wellbeing are at the forefront, and where they can be incorporated into our members’ workdays in a convenient and accessible way.”

The space is out of the pages of a Dwell or wallpaper article, with modern but comfortable areas for sitting, thinking, connecting, and chilling. There’s a large mural created by Hijulez, and artwork by Yuli Glass, along with plants and greenery curated by Sean Partlow. Regular community programming, which will include everything from talks on nutrition to business advice for entrepreneurs, will also play an integral part of Werklab’s dedication to the personal and professional development of its members.


Photos: Britt Gill