Wild Whistler Guys Weekend

November 6, 2019
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Looking to step up your guys weekend game? Just cut and paste this wild Whistler getaway itinerary into your next group chat and send it.

If the thought of hucking gigantic axes at a wall, sipping locally crafted gin and vodka, and flying through Whistler mountain treetops at speeds of over 100 km/h doesn’t make you pine for a weekend bromance, then you may want to check yourself for a pulse. Studies show that when males carve out time to be with their fellow kind, a healthier, better person emerges.  It’s science.

Let’s get started.

Forged axe throwing is the perfect first stop on your guys only getaway for a few reasons. You are not drunk yet and there is nothing like a little dark ages style competition to fire up the brotherly bonds that have gone untended for far too long. When you arrive, an axe throwing expert will greet you, set you up with an axe, teach you the basics and get you wailing axes like the well-respected middle-earth dwarf warrior that you are. If you impress your axe-tossing guide, she might even show you a trick throw or two.

Montis Distilling is a vodka and gin micro distillery walking distance from the axe throwing spot in an area of Whistler called Function Junction. The husband and wife team at Montis, Kwang and Bryanna Chen, were regular Joes like you and I before their largely self-taught passion for making homemade hooch turned into a passion that surpassed the day job. This is the first distillery of its kind in Whistler so naturally, the cool bars and restos in town carry the brand. What is really unique about Montis is the option to create custom small batch gin. That’s right, you can go in and make your very own blend of gin to shake and sip when you get back home from your wild weekend.

You’ve heaved some battle-axes, sipped some tasty spirits, and now you want some hearty eats. The aptly named Hunter Gather Eatery and Taphouse brings locally sourced ingredients to its protein and veggie forward menu armed with a tap list of beers that would satisfy any bearded pacific West Coast beer snob. You want to order the poutine and chicken shawarma with a nice hot bowl of smoked salmon chowder paired with a golden Persephone Coast Life Lager. If you want to be like the locals order the any of the house smoked and roasted brisket, chicken or rib offerings.

Stuffed and ready for some downtime? Get comfy at Pangea Pod Hotel. It’s like the fort gods from your childhood had a conference and decided an adults only version is needed in the world. Pangea Pod Hotel is assembled with super high quality materials, baltic birch pods, bulletproof floors and surprisingly accommodating and comfy beds. Definitely book a suite of pods for your dude-tastic escapade and carve out some time to chill in the living room and enjoy gourmet flatbread creations with hand crafted cocktails. Grab a board game or two from the shelf beside the wood fireplace and settle in to a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity™. Technology plays a huge role in making the communal living experience feel chic and luxurious, with the right amount of privacy and comfort. Use your scannable wristband to upgrade services such as ski or bike lockers, ordering food and drinks, or book a few more nights. There is also a rooftop patio that offers up a great apré ski hang out.


Recharged and ready for dinner, head to Alta Bistro, the preferred locals’ fine food destination. Skip the pomp and circumstance and opt for the casual home-like space with delicious seasonally prepared modern upscale French cuisine. Stand out dishes are the butternut squash soup that arrives with a cute little sprinkling of masala popcorn, the elk tartar cannoli, and the roasted pork loin. Ask your server for wine and beer pairing suggestions.

All that is left to do now is waddle back to your Pangea Pod Hotel (a 4-minute walk) and order up a cocktail in the Living Room. Mojitos in the winter? Heck yes.

Get up early and order any of the breakfast items off the living room menu at Pangea Pod Hotel. The bacon bennie with home-made hollandaise is tasty if you have time to chill, but if  you are pinched for time the roasted chicken baguette is the perfect on-the-run move.

Your final heart pumping brodeo will be at Ziptrek, where you take a 15 minute drive up the mountain and spend a few hours careening between wooden Ewok village outpost towers at speeds of over 100 km/h hundreds of feet above the forrest and floor.

If you think you are too cool for this, think again. It is exceptionally fun and open all year long. The guides ensure the experience is safe and fun for all, even in the snow.

Grab your baguette, jump in the car and rejoin the pedestrian life you left behind. See, you are better person now. Great job.

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