Restore Human – Every Damn Day

September 14, 2017
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We are creatures of habit so let’s make good habits. Restoration requires routine. Routine encourages sustainability. Sustainability allows progress.

Every damn day, says Coach K. Each session, Restore Human (RH) goers go through the motions of focused joint and muscle compression, decompression and rotations. Doing them every damn day gives the body whatever it needs to take on whatever is thrown at it—and with better success. After at least a month or two (or even three) at RH, participants see incredible results: from beating Grouse Grind times to being able to sit in a squat for 10 minutes with ease. They can go from zero to hero.

Here are some steps you can follow to achieving your own hero status:

Set your intention

Fitness needs a purpose. Forget the goals and create the desires. Desire to feel happy about how you look in your new outfit, strong when you go for that climb, confident in reaching that summit a little bit faster and energized after eating your meals. Choose your own adventure. Share it with everyone you know. Own it.

Track your progress

Create or download a milestone chart or get one from an RH instructor. A visual of your progress can help keep you challenged and motivated. Journal it. Blog it. Podcast it. Chicken scratch it.

Example Subject: Injured Inga, 37 year-old female

May 2017 Testing

Push-ups (on knees): 3

Hang time (on monkey bar): 45 sec.

Single leg dead lifts: 0 with 0 lbs.

July 2017 Testing

Push-ups (on knees): 11

Hang time (on monkey bar): 1 min. 45 sec.

Single leg dead lifts: 1 on each leg with 80 lbs.

If injuries are becoming a past time, seeing your progress can provide a positive shift in your perspective on your capabilities. Fear is replaced with confidence. Physical challenges are accepted and conquered with less resistance and more motivation. Friends now question how Inga jumps over rocks downhill so gracefully. It feels pretty awesome. True story.

Stay on track

Every damn day, incorporate a simple exercise regime. If not at the RH studio, then start your day by getting buff at the foot of your bed, at lunch at your desk or after work at your favourite park bench. Don’t have a favourite park bench? Get one. Get five. Who cares who’s watching. Whoever is will be either intrigued, curious or jealous of your awesome bench moves. Finding the space to execute your fitness plan is key. Be sure to line a few of these up so that you have access to a space close to home, when on the move and on rainy days.

Be accountable

Write down when you plan to exercise and the moves you plan to do or the classes you plan to attend. Be open to exercise scheduling changes because your RH coaches will be adamant that you join them for their 7 AM sprints, squats and push-ups. If the snooze button is your evil sidekick, try asking your new RH friends for a personal wake up call. In return, just offer them organic, fair-trade, single roast coffee and high fives.

Once you’ve said, “see you at class tomorrow at 12pm,” you’d better be there or you will be missed. People care about you at RH. Show up. They just want to see you become a better human. Don’t you?!

Maintain motivation

Staying motivated can be defeating. So, beat it. Make your weekly fitness schedule first and then you can make plans with other humans or your favourite social media device. Tell your friends and family about your schedule so they can ask you about it later. You may be more inclined to do it if you’re bugged about it.

Create micro-challenges. Each week, tell your RH trainers and classmates that you plan to up your hang time by 15 seconds, increase your push-up max by one, hold your hollow body for 10 seconds longer. Set up weekly testing with your instructors so you can track your training. Be prepared for a possible cheering squad when testing.

Sustain energy

Before a 7am class, have a piece of fruit, energy bar or snack-sized smoothie. Keep it light. You can brunch with your friends afterwards. If mornings aren’t your jam, afternoon classes are a great way to break up a work day – if you can swing it. A good carb and protein meal will keep you restored. Evening classes can be tricky, as they are smack down in the middle of dinner time so have your tapa at least an hour before class, if not more. Eat a light dinner afterwards. Or, better yet, just split your dinner into two smaller servings for before and after your workout.

Make connections

At each class, greet your new best friends at Restore Human whilst squatting in a circle for three and half minutes and then talk about your weekend as you combat tai-chi style with wooden dowels. You may as well sweat out your hangover and become a ninja at the same time.

Get results

With the help of the RH, get restored and become bored with sidewalks and staircases. Instead, jump your way through muddy trails, vault over fallen trees and opt to run through glacier-fed streams on a hot day. Since her first session with Coach K, Injured Inga hasn’t sprained any more ankles nor overextended any more knee ligaments. She can confidently wear low cut converse on cobblestone and catch every ankle before it twists. You can too.