Restore Human – Airplane Mode

October 6, 2017
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Let’s face it. Attempting to keep up a normal health routine can take away from your daily freedoms when traveling. Daily workouts and meal plans are easily thrown out the Airbnb window.

How to overcome the obstacles of crazy climates, full day excursions and late night aperitifs? The answer is…you don’t. The goal is not to overcome them but to balance them out. Make this your desire. Mad skillz await you.

You travel to get away from your structured life so keep yourself restored, intuitively, by keeping a positive perspective. See the opportunity in spontaneity, unknown territory, getting out of your comfort zone, being independent and heaven forbid, even cheating on your health plan. Restore Human (RH) is your personal database for self-improvement on-the-go. No packing is required and it can be taken anywhere.

Plan but be spontaneous

Prepare your mental kit. Before you embark on your next adventure, remember to set your intention for it. Give the trip a purpose and make it your priority. How do you want to feel while you’re away – inspired, fascinated, energetic, relaxed or all of the above? Whether it’s learning about the history of a place one day and then drinking cocktails on the beach on the next, have your exercise regime guide your day instead of hinder it. Have it kick-start your morning, revive you in the afternoon or relax you in the evening. Even a little goes a long way – as long as you do it every damn day.

Be consistent but resilient

Whether you’re traveling for 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months or more, the path to becoming a better human can be still be maintained but you must be open to trailblazing. When the convenience of city life is far from your front door, lack of organic coffee, studios and spas, personal trainers, WiFi and poor navigational skills can hinder you from taking that morning run or finding the perfect apparatus for your pull-ups and lunges. If that’s the case, take a look around you. Which territories can you conquer? Break out your best bear walk on a grassy knoll, do sprints along the beach, practice handstands against your bedroom wall or do squats and single leg dead-lifts in the shower. Look for the opportunities in your challenges. They’re in front of your face.

Get out of your comfort zone but be comfortable

RH exercises like bear and lizard walks can be, for some, far from motivating to practice in public. Recruit a friend or partner to entertain the people watchers with you or distract yourself with your headphones and ignore the judges. Then, duck walk like nobody’s watching. For an added bonus, ask travel buddies to tag along as your adventure photographers. Be the star of your own show.

Brave it alone but join the crowd

If you have time, meet up with a local outdoor group to see if any outings are planned while you’re in the area. Visit sportswear stores to join in on local events or get a free intro pass to a fitness space near you. Bring some RH to your typical run around town or hike up the hill by tossing a ball with your trail mates or just toss it to yourself. Add some of you own recovery moves to your yoga class. If you’re somewhere remote or have to be on your own while you practice, sing your heart out or just smile and say hello to any passer-bys. Take selfies and be sure to tag Restore Human.

Make rules but bend them

Try to make a daily routine whether it’s every morning afternoon or before bed. Consistency allows progression. Travel shouldn’t keep you from improving yourself. If you’ve had a rough night, skip a day of major movement and do detox exercises instead. Coach Pax can teach you some killer breathing exercises and if you dare to ask, probably some ice cold water therapies you can try in your hotel bathtub. If you’ve had a rough day, allow yourself to nix that conditioning session. Coach Kesh has got some nice recovery moves that he keeps in his back pocket that you can transport to your next destination and make your muscles melt. It’s okay to cheat. Just do it responsibly. You’re human.

RH moves can be done anywhere. If you are a city slicker, mountain wanderer, beach camper, jungle explorer or none of the above, you are in Restore Human mecca. Tap into your adventurous side and adapt these tips to best suit you. Hollow body holds, squat position, push-ups, joint rotations and more can be rocked from the executive suite to the one-person tent. When it comes to RH movements, excuses don’t exist. So, stop making them.