Second Pure Barre Studio Opens in Kits

March 28, 2016
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Kitsilano’s repertoire as a mecca for fitness studios just raised the “barre” with the second opening of Pure Barre on West 4th Avenue.

Spring is here and with it the rush to join a gym in the hopes of getting that beach body before summertime rolls around. Pure Barre might just be the challenging method of exercise to whip your butt into shape. But be forewarned, it is not for the faint of heart. Curious what it’s all about? Read on.

The exercise
Small and intense movements burn fat and sculpt muscles. The technique is renowned for its record-breaking results. Your first class will feel like an endeavour and will kickstart you towards a new and healthy you. Stretching and breathing is incorporated throughout the class to maintain a balance in physical exertion, and modifications are offered to accommodate all levels of fitness.

The vibe
Every muscle in your body will burn and your instructor’s energy – along with the upbeat music – will encourage you to keep up. No class is the same and each one works your body to its core. Fabulous instructors monitor you to ensure you are doing the movements correctly and encourage you to take breaks, if needed.

Once you’ve made it to the studio, sip some alkalized water from Flow, and gear up with a pair of grippy socks. Post work out, there’s organic fresh-pressed juices from the Juice Truck and blended mists from Saje Natural Wellness. Pure Barre has you covered.

Try a class, mess up royally and curse under your breath. And then try a couple more times and become awesome.