Irisa Cannabis, Discover the Love for Cannabis

December 3, 2018
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Women can now explore the love for cannabis and feel good about it.

Women and cannabis no longer need to secretly rendezvous to be together. This beautiful relationship is crystallizing as we speak. Product designers like Irisa Cannabis are leading the female revolution against the stoner stereotype — by creating products so women can simply glow, instead of just burn out.

The Phase-Loving Product

Irisa brings a new dimension of wellness to the daily self-care routine with its line of balanced oils (THC to CBD) and pre-rolls (dried cannabis flower in a joint). And since you go through natural phases throughout your day, each product’s design caters to each one. The Sun (energy), Earth (clarity), Moon (relax) and Stars (inspiration) each gives its own harmonious effect so you can feel recharged, focused, motivated, calm and playful, whenever you choose.

Try one or try them all. The choice is yours. But if you’re not yet ready to show off your new love with cannabis, no worries. You can discreetly throw these little 30mL bottles and slim-fit pre-rolls in your handbag for a quick indulgence, whenever you need it.


The Do-It-Yourself Dosage

Start low and go slow. Like Dosist’s pen-shaped formulas, Irisa’s oils and pre-rolls are to be taken mindfully. Start with the 0.25mL eyedropper dose on your skin (and even in your drink), or simply puff, puff, pass to your liking.

If the product has taken effect right away, just chill (unless that’s what you’re trying to do!). Time is needed for the effects to kick in, especially when ingested. Check out Irisa’s Cannabis 101 page for the down-low on how to dose to your lifestyle and to just learn more about cannabis.

The Quick-Summary Science

Cannabis is complex and so are you. And, embedded inside of you is a complex system of endocannabinoids. This endocannabinoid system (ECS), affects how you feel, move and react. Studies have shown that the main active ingredients in cannabis (THC and CBD) naturally react with receptors in the ECS system and can help bring harmony to these functions (based on their specific ratios and amounts). Roll that up and smoke it.