5 Minute Guide to Conscious Nutrition

November 15, 2016
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Fuel Your Endurance: A Quick Guide to Conscious Nutrition

Cornucopia just turned 20 years old and we just came back from a few days in Whistler where we celebrate by eating and drinking our way around town. We also attended a couple of Nourish Series workshops and came away with the tools and knowledge to take better care of our bodies and help us be mindful of the food choices we make.

For the uninitiated, Nourish, which is held as part of Cornucopia, brings together those who are curious and committed to greater health to share ideas, create community, and to inspire action and play in the world and in the kitchen. We joined nationally ranked tennis player, competitive athlete and Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Andrea McDonald, to gives us the intel on fuelling for endurance – consciously. This is the kind of stuff you need to know if you are looking for that extra edge when ripping through trails, climbing the alpine or paddling the ocean.

It’s the day of the race, your morning workout, championship game or competition. What is your plan to keep your glycogen stores in check and your performance level at its peak? Whole foods nutrition is no cliche – it is the essence of your weekly training routine and is a pillar towards achieving optimum performance.

Get your nutrient needs in and nourish every bodily function necessary with “Andrea’s Super 7”:

Alkaline-forming foods
What the hell are these? These are the clean foods that will balance out all of coffee, alcohol, processed food, sugar, dairy, wheat, meat and poultry that can bring acidity to the diet. Eat them.

You can fulfill this quota by hitting up your favourite smoothie bar or kitchen blender and packing in those berries with some ginseng. Workouts create stress on the body and free radicals damage everything. Neutralize them.

It’s simple. Calcium is released for muscle contraction. Without it, muscles fatigue and cramp. That sucks. To amp up your cal, feel free to skip that cow’s milk. Some tofu, steamed greens or sesame seeds should do the trick.

You lose these rad little regulators through your sweat, so replenish them often. Drink coconut water and add a pinch of Himalayan pink salt for some quality sodium. You will need it.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)
You actually need good fat to lose fat. Science says so. EFAs build muscle and energy, increase blood flow and aid in muscle recovery. Go fishing and catch yourself some salmon.

This just in: you can lose iron through not only your sweat but also your feet. Iron is also best friends with vitamin C, so eat these together for better absorption. You’ll feel more like Popeye than Olive Oil.

People will envy you for knowing this word. By eating colourful vegetables, you can prevent inflammation. Visit your local farmers’ market or just grow yourself some kale. Everybody’s doing it.

Becoming a conscious eater isn’t gonna happen overnight. Try one of these Super 7 first and then add on one at a time whenever you can handle it. You can only get better.