Syrian refugee rescues Canadian bride from wardrobe malfunction

September 29, 2016
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When a bride’s wedding dress breaks, an Aleppo tailor recently arrived to Guelph and living next door saves the day.

Think of the most memorable day in a young woman’s life and her wedding day is probably somewhere at the top of the list. Jo Du’s day was recently saved, and perhaps made even more memorable, when a Syrian refugee came to her aid and fixed a broken zipper on her wedding dress.

It was just hours before the wedding ceremony in Guelph, Ontario when the zipper on Jo Du’s wedding dress broke. Her photographer, Lindsay Coulter, ran to ask the next door neighbours if they had a pair of pliers they could borrow. The neighbour, David Hobson, did one better than lend her pliers. Turns out Hobson had been hosting a family of Syrian refugees and the father, Ibrahim Halil Dudu, was a seasoned tailor with 28 years experience working in Aleppo before his house and business were bombed and destroyed a few years ago.

The family had been waiting in Turkey for three years for a country to take them in. Canada did and the family had just arrived to Guelph four days before Du’s wedding day.

On her Facebook page, Coulter told the touching story of how Halil Dudu saved the day it. “The neighbour David told me they had just moved to Canada four days ago,” Coulter said. “They didn’t speak a word of English, and had been communicating by using Google Translate. The young boy looked at his dad, the girls around him, at my camera and back to his dad about a hundred times. He was curious and in seemingly good spirits. I couldn’t help but stand back in awe of the situation.”

The story and its happy ending was also picked up by CTV where the groom expressed his gratitude. “We’re so lucky that happened to us,” said Earl Lee. “I was so excited and so happy,” Halil Dudu said through a translator. “I like to help Canadian people from my heart.”

Want to help the Halil Dudu family get settled and with “the day to day challenges of starting a life in a new country”? Go to this gofundme page to donate.