A Collab For Stylish Lovers of Red Wine

July 4, 2018
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What do you get when two babes with style and substance come together? A collaboration worth cheering for. Coming this fall, a limited edition sweatshirt by Vancouver’s Brunette the Label and Meiomi wine.

PINOT PLEASE fuses different expressions of West-Coast cool, taking Meiomi’s style, grace and elegance from the glass and into your closet. The name Meiomi means “coast” and the brand’s winemaker, Melissa Stackhouse, powerhouse guardian of the Meiomi range, is working with Brunette The Label, one of Canada’s premier labels to create a limited-edition sweatshirt that makes wine wearable.

Founded in early 2014, Brunette The Label is a clothing brand based out of Vancouver, Canada. All of their products are passionately designed in Canada by Miriam Alden and the babes at Brunette Headquarters. They believe the word ‘Babe’ to be a way of life, and strive to create a community that is inclusive of all babes – inspiring, strengthening and elevating each other to be the best version of ourselves.

For Brunette The Label and its ‘Babes Supporting Babes’ movement, Melissa represents the ultimate ‘babe’ forging ahead in an industry dominated by men so the collaboration was a natural fit. We chatted with Melissa about the collab and how it came together.


Have you been a fan of Brunette The Label for a while?
I’ve recently discovered Brunette The Label and I enjoy how bright and bold the brand is!

How did this collaboration come about?
Meiomi is among the most loved Pinot Noirs in Canada. Knowing there is a large community of Pinot Noir drinkers, we wanted to build on that momentum with something unexpected. It was a natural fit to work with Brunette The Label, which is known for its witty, wine-inspired products.

Do you have a favorite item from their catalog, something you wear often?
My PINOT PLEASE sweatshirt, of course.

What does “Babes Supporting Babes” mean to you and how do you push that message forward in your business and private life?
I look to other females in business and personally for strength and support. Seeing other women succeed, whatever the industry, it is something that we as a whole should be proud of. I aim to uplift, inspire and strengthen my team to be the best versions of themselves and capture that passion in every bottle we produce. We create wines that balance the grapes from three different coastal vineyards into one balanced sip, which has style, elegance and grace. The same parallel could be drawn for women supporting one another: when shown the utmost respect and care, we can create magic together.

Who are some “babes” that inspire you?
Judy Jordan. I worked with Judy for four years at J Vineyards & Winery. Judy is an exceptional person, strong and inspiring.

What about a babe you’d love to work with next?
Anyone who is interested in collaborating to produce something memorable and impactful.

Photos: Jennifer Hallett