Lululemon Kitsilano

August 8, 2017
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First look at the landmark Kitsilano Lululemon retail location, refreshed and updated with curated elements of past, present and future sweat salutations.

When Midas muffler on the corner of 4th and Arbutus closed up, a chasm in the neighbourhood fabric opened up, albeit briefly. It makes delightfully ironic sense to see the Lululemon brand that put athleisure, Chip Wilson and arguably mainstream yoga on the map, inhale the space in short order.

From tailpipes to toe-stands, toasted brake pads to twisted side angle, procuring toxic exhaust to sipping probiotic booch.

All sun salutation vs sunset industry jokes aside, the new 6.300-square-foot space is a breath of fresh air for the health conscious Kitsilano community, and a worthy destination for sweat-culture seeking visitors. It is a one-stop-shop layout and design, with loads of retail space offering more room to serve men and women in completely separate sections, which can be a relief for dudes who are a little shy about stepping out of the change room surrounded by sculpted bodies, and vice versa.

A massive rooftop deck captures the laid back ‘Kits vibe’ and will no doubt be a perfect spot for speaker sessions, yoga classes and epic summer BBQs. We particularly love the tastefully allocated art installations by local artists Paige Bowman and Kris Kupskay and the thoughtfully reclaimed memorabilia peppered around the store.

The ‘look up’ coin embedded on the side walk encourages you to do just that to see the “you always remember your first” Midas muffler inspired sign. Once inside you will see gnarly old stickers and cabinets from the early days of the brand neatly confined to a Kombucha bar, and a larger than life crow installation offering words of wisdom from your future self.

We recommend heading down and soaking in the new space for yourself. With all the big box, cookie-cutter shops slowly eking their way into every corner of bricks-and-mortar retail, it is refreshing to see a brand that could have just slapped up a massive modern too-cool-for-school boutique, take the time to thoughtfully curate a space with an epic story worth telling. Let’s hope they nama-stay for another 18 years.