Kabuni Design Studio

July 20, 2016
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Kabuni Design Studio brings artists, designers and creative minds together in a space that looks and feels like a beautiful glass and concrete space-ship, landed right here in Vancouver.

The future is here. And the future wants you to have a better home. Kabuni Design Studio is a 3000 square foot community hub, work/event/gallery share space, fingertips away from incredibly advanced design tools poised to transform dreams into reality.

CEO and co-founder, Neil Patel, learned early in life that everyone deserves to have a place to call home. On his own at age 14 without much more than a pine furniture set purchased by a loan from his Grandpa, he built a wildly successful career around homes (real estate) and giving back to the community. When the 2008 economic crash took its pound of flesh from the London, England native, Neil moved with his family of four to Winnipeg to start from scratch. While living in the in-laws basement suite, Neil built a rapidly growing subscription-based network called Whole New Home, which brought together a community of premium mortgage brokers, realtors, and interior designers. Before long it was time to scale up, rebrand and relocate. With Vancouver as the perfect location for the flagship studio, the brand now stretches from Australia to Argentina, from India to Canada and the United States.

Kabuni Design Studio plays on the Uber or Airbnb theme, with inevitable success based on consumption by a community of people. Just download the app and you are instantly greeted by a slick interface with a pile of options. Want to talk with an interior designer? Click on the chat window. Feel like flipping through a catalogue of gorgeous, locally-crafted furniture and accessories? Nothing is holding you back. Curious what your design plan might look like in virtual reality? Easy, pop into the store and meet up with the designer you were chatting with and enter the Dream Room room. Magic.

Aside from the seamless design aesthetic and slick branding message, what sets Kabuni Design Studio apart from other community-based programs is its corporate conscience. Successful transactions result in a percentage of proceeds going to local charities combating homelessness. In addition, emerging artisans and builders can join the Kabuni team and have the state-of-the-art point of sale, shipping and delivery systems available to help grow their business.

With 98% of DIY designers mangling their beautiful homes’ interiors, Kabuni aims to dispel the myth that interior designers are only for the 1% elite and prove that bustling local communities thrives when we all have better homes.


Photos: Billie Norman