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April 29, 2016
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Vitruvi Modern Aromatherapy co-founder Sara Panton talks about her fresh approach to an ancient wellness practice and how you can harness the power of aromatherapy in life-improving ways.

Over the past few decades, the wellness industry has transformed from a few well-meaning hippy types selling teatree oil and Naga-Champa incense at farmers markets, to a multi-billion dollar industry. These days there are any number of products that promise to extend and improve aspects of everyday life, from stamina and focus, to sexual prowess, memory retention, and x-ray vision. OK, maybe not x-ray vision but you get the idea.

With so many products appealing to our innate fear of aging, it can be difficult to separate the snake oil from the authentic goods. Leave it to creative sibling team, Sara and Sean Panton, to create a company that perfectly blends science with playful modern appeal, and dedication to ethically sourced, high-quality ingredients. In other words, no snake oil here.

We caught up with Sara to get to the bottom of Vitruvi.

How it all started

The concept for the brand started while I was in my first year of medical school, we were learning about the science of scent and how the olfactory cranial nerve responsible for scent influenced the brain and our memory. It got me thinking about how scent could be used strategically throughout the day and I started blending my own essential oils to use personally. I shared the idea with my brother Sean (now co-founder) and we created a simple website. The brand really takes into account my background studying global health, my interested in natural cosmetics and the science of scent.

 Aromatherapy 101

The intention in using our products is to help create consistency throughout your day. Using the science of scent association when we wake up, work, meditate or sleep with the same scent it helps cue the brain that we are switching to that activity.  Our most popular blends and a nice way to integrate scent into your day are our Wake and Sleep blends.  They are great for establishing a healthy evening and morning ritual.

Sibling rivalry

VITRUVI wouldn’t be where it is if Sean and I weren’t siblings. There is a level of trust, respect, and grit that comes with working with a sibling. We grew up together, we’ve always been friends, and we know that we will always be friends. We have each other’s best interests in mind beyond the company. I would say that our ability to work through problems or disagreements quickly, honestly, and efficiently has allowed Vitruvi to grow at the pace it has.

On keeping the peace

We talk things out, look at it from all angles and then choose the decision that is best at the time and for the foreseeable future of the company.  I’ve learned there is rarely a true “right answer” when running a company. It takes a certain amount of risk, tolerance, and agility to just keep things moving. That momentum is usually more important than the time it takes in holding things too close.

Hip hop and the creative process

We have a very young office of incredibly talented people that I feel lucky to work with everyday. Long hours and weekend working often results in hip hop and lots of coffee drinking. We take our business really seriously, but don’t take ourselves too seriously.


Sara Patton’s Vancouver

FAVOURITE RESTAURANTS AnnaLena or Miku for dinner, Forage for brunch
LOCAL GETAWAY: My parent’s home on Vancouver Island, out in the country on the beach. It’s magic there.
GUILTY PLEASURE: Not so guilty, chocolate.


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