5 People Who Should Get a Valentine’s Day Card

February 5, 2016
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Be the cool kid on Valentine’s Day by giving a card to someone other than your mom. Here are 5 people who probably deserve one, plus a promo code to get a free JustGreet card. You’re welcome.

Maybe you hate Valentine’s Day. Or maybe you recently changed your Facebook relationship status to that dreaded word: single. We got your back. We teamed up with JustGreet — a Vancouver start-up that offers ethically sourced and produced, handwritten cards — to offer you a pretty sweet deal.

The first 100 people who order a JustGreet card by February 9th using the promo code LIKEVANCOUVER get a Valentine’s Day card for free. That’s Zero Dollars and Free Cents. To help you choose that special someone, we fired up our grey matter and came up with a list of people who could use a little love and recognition around this time of year. No expectations. No Netflix n’ Chill. Just love. Spread it.

Yeah, that’s right. This is your wingman or wingwoman. Goose to your Maverick. Thelma to your Louise. The one who puts up with your opinions on vegan-ism and anti-vaccination, political views and religious perspectives. The one who helps you home after you drink too much and try to outrun a police cruiser driving down Granville Street at 3:00am. The one who truly lets you be you, but steers you in the right direction when you are headed towards certain disaster. Got that person in mind? Great. Card time.

The Boss
No, not your spouse or life partner — your actual boss. The higher up. The big cheese. Let’s be honest, a well-timed and thoughtful card to the person that controls your financial and professional future (until you figure out a way to rule the world) is never a bad idea. A few tips on this one: be authentic; don’t go over the top; keep the message light and appropriate. Unless you are Dave Chappelle, avoid the jokes. Now get busy. Remember, only 100 cards available, and only one per person.

The Crush
Remember back in kindergarten when you made Valentine’s Day cards for everyone in your class? There was that girl or boy you had a crush on. It’s never too late to get creative and put together a poem or haiku that expresses your true feelings. Putting yourself out there, being vulnerable, most people find that adorable and attractive. Unless of course they don’t, in which case you’ve got nothing to lose. Sky is the limit.

The Grandparents
Your grandparents think they’ve seen it all, until now. They’ve likely not only helped you become who you are today, but also kept your Volvo-driving-80s-music-listening-twice-divorced parents in line. You have to thank them for that, and now is your chance. Have some fun with it. My guess is Gramps isn’t going to jump on JustGreet and order up a Valentine’s Day card for ol’ Grandma anytime soon. And your parents are a write off too. You get to be the bright shining light today, my friend. Hand out some love to the GP units.

The Angel
Burn a little naga champa (incense), sit quietly in a comfortable upright position, slow down the breathing and your mind. Now picture the one person in your life who has saved you from someone, or something. That person deserves some recognition. They — be it an uncle, cousin, teacher, coach, friend-of-a-friend — might not even know how they’ve impacted you. It’s time to let the cat out of the bag. Sharing your gratitude about another person is a win-win situation. You feel great, they feel great. But only if you stop reading now and send. that. card.


Want a Free Card? Here’s How:

Visit JustGreet, choose a card, enter promo code LIKEVANCOUVER. If you’re one of the first 100 people to do so, the card is free.
Offer ends at 11:59pm PST on February 9th.


Photos: Sophia Hsin