Handmade greeting cards from JustGreet

December 15, 2015
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Send high quality real greeting cards with free gifts from local brands.

With only two days left to get your orders in for a December 25th delivery, JustGreet  gives you a stress-free option for choosing the perfect handmade greeting card delivered directly to your choice of human(s) complete with a free gift voucher inside.

Choose from local organic delivery company Spud.ca, car sharing company Evo or a select group of coffee and tea vendors just to name a few. And the best part of it all, not a penny goes to mega-giant corporations. Everything about JustGreet‘s operation encourages local commerce by diverting funds from big box operations to our local economy, aka folks just like you and me.

Step 1: visit justgreet.com and select a customized card.

Step 2: Choose one of their FREE gift vouchers from a local brand to be included in the card.

Step 3: Enter your To and Return address.

Step4: Review order and send.

So easy!

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Photographs: Sophia Hsin