Indigo’s Top 10 Holiday Gifts

December 8, 2015
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Doing last-minute holiday shopping? So are we. Here we present our first ever Top 10 gift list (nearly all under $100) that will help you score brownie points at home, with friends or at the office party.

Let’s be honest, the next three to four months are going to be tough. With little to no sun, endless rainy days (only if you live in Vancouver, sorry rest of Canada) and resolutions turning to destitution, we truly need the upcoming holidays to cozy up with family, stock up on goodies and pull the covers up high with a good book. This year’s Indigo holiday gift guide has so many choices, we’re making things easier for you with our Top 10 Picks. Best of all, almost everything on this list is under a hundred bucks.  Aww, you’re welcome.

The Martian by Andy Weir 

This New York Times best seller jettisons you away from the cold and wet to a land far less habitable than home. Kick the holiday season off with a sci-fi page-turner that provides the much welcomed perspective that it could be a lot worse (being stuck on Mars). Just ask Matt Damon. If you’ve already watched the film, that’s okay — the book is 10 times better, which is saying a lot because the film was pretty epic. ($18)

Colouring books for adults

If you haven’t tried colouring books for adults you might want to order a book or two for yourself and whomever you intend to gift it to. Hours glide by colouring beautifully illustrated and designed books such as Fantastic Cities ($19.95), Lost Ocean ($21.95), Tropical World ($16.95) and Animorphia ($16.99). These books are like a meditative porthole to a world where all that matters is sharpening up your Indigo exclusive coloured pencils (set of 24 $16) and staying within the lines. Studies have shown that colouring can have the same effect as meditation, a particularly useful pastime when the in-laws come for extended visits. Ohm.

Faux fur Trapper hat, mittens and scarf

Give the gift of a stylish, silky soft trapper hat ($39.50), mittens ($25) and reversible infinity scarf ($49.50) to stave off the cold should you find yourself venturing up the Sea to Sky for a Whistler getaway. The lucky recipient of your yuletide endowment can sleep well at night knowing that no fury animals were harmed keeping you warm this winter.

Waffle knit indoor socks

Your stocks will go way up giving these socks to your loved ones. Cozy knit outside and faux shearling on the inside means staying home will be the new going out. Seriously, these socks are like a hot toddy for your toes (minus the second degree burns). Best to give at least a couple pairs to make for a smooth laundry rotation. ($34.50)

The cozy throw

At this point you have likely eclipsed the $50 mark because our list thus far has made giving so easy this year. Your reward (and we recommend you keep this one) is the world’s softest, most cozy and snug throw on planet Earth for only $35. Available in four earthy tones, you will sail off into sweet post-meat and cheese spread coma before your second sip of warm nog.

3 times a day cook book

Canadian singer Marilou Champagne and her husband Alexandre put together a pile of recipes from her foodie blog Trois fois par jour (three times a day in English) for you to feast your eyes on. Three Time a Day features beautifully photographed creations and easy-to-follow recipes make this book a stellar addition to your cozy making arsenal. ($34.95)

The Hemingway Collection

“There is no friend as loyal as a book,” a timeless quote from literary legend Earnest Hemingway. With the Ernest Hemingway Collection you can empower your inventive loved one to capture his or her life narrative by shaking up a dry martini in a Hemingway Cocktail Shaker ($34.00) pouring liquid creativity into one of the set of 4 Hemingway Lowball Glasses ($39.50) and capture every detail that leaps to mind with the rustic Hemingway Wooden Pen ($19.50) in the Hemingway leather bound Journal ($40). Why not complete the collection with the Hemingway Chunky Cable Knit Scarf and Hat? (from $19.50) If this collection doesn’t get the creative juice’s flowing, the martini certainly will.

Homemade Gin Kit

Encourage your 19 or older family member to imbibe in science and drinking with one knock-your-waffle-knit-socks-off kit. You can help out by polishing off a few mickeys of booze to fill up with a home blend of gin. Let the fuzzy feeling good times roll. ($49.50)

Fitbit Charge HR

Drop the not so subtle hint that it’s time to work off the holiday cheer(s) with Fitbit‘s bestselling band. Connect it to any number of apps to remind you to turn off Elf, get off the couch, and go do some squats under the mistletoe. Because who doesn’t love getting a sweaty kiss from time to time? ($179.95)

BB-8 App-enabled Droid by Sphero

The future is now. Be more popular than Yoda with this gift. Seriously, who wouldn’t want their own freaking droid whose movements and personality will provide hours of entertainment? Plus you can get the droid to do your laundry, prep the roast and get you another nog. ($189.95)