Salty Cabbage Kimchi Will Spice Up Your Life

October 29, 2019
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Forget the Sriracha because kimchi has just gone top shelf.  

Sauerkraut, kombucha and kefir may pioneer Vancouver’s probiotic food scene but kimchi adds a whole new flavour to the mix. You may think you have tried authentic kimchi but Salty Cabbage’s kimchi has been a Denman Street staple for over twenty years. Due to its high demand to mainstream its market beyond its restaurant’s doors, Salty Cabbage is now offering its kimchi’s fresh and fermented creations to everyone that enjoys a little spice on the palate. 

Handmade using the freshest ingredients, adorn your next dish with Classic, Radish or White Kimchi and give it an umami kick. Vegans, celiacs and the allergy-prone can go to town as this kimchi trio is gluten-free, fish sauce-free and preservative-free. Salty Cabbage makes sure your gut gets what it wants. Fun fact: Listen to your gut.

With diets trends booming and research always changing, we are left with going back to old traditions to bring faith back to our food. And, in case you didn’t know, kimchi’s got some serious roots in Korean culture dating back 2,000 years and is known to bring balance and harmony to the body. If you haven’t heard of the Yin-Yang or Five Elements theory, five fabulous flavours balance the essence of kimchi: sour, bitter, salty, sweet, and spicy.

If the thought of incorporating kimchi into your next rice bowl gives your taste buds anxiety, we encourage you to conquer their fears. Add some old Korean spice to your pizza, tacos, noodles, soups, and salads. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, grab a Salty Cabbage collab batch of kimchi scones from Whipped & Beaten Bakeshop or indulge in kimchi chocolates from Drunken Chocolatier. They’re delicious. For serious.

That said, dining out for kimchi is also an option. Salty Cabbage’s kimchi popularity has made it a menu feature at some of Vancouver’s most eclectic restaurants like Sing Sing Beer Bar, Blackbird Public House, and Rice Burger, and can be purchased locally at Meinhardt Fine Foods and West Wood Organics. Online shoppers can grab a jar or three on the Salty Cabbage website or Uber Eats and Sunday morning lovers can hit up Hastings Park Farmers Market this Winter (starting November 3rd), and even meet the makers.