Restore Human, Fitness You Believe In

July 9, 2017
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Kitsilano strikes again by bringing Vancouverites a new fitness space where stress gets left at the door.

Restore Human (RH) brings a holistic approach to fitness, by getting its participants to not just move, but also play. This is a place where fitness meets function.

The Space
Located on the west side of West 4th Avenue, Restore Human’s boutique studio is neighboured by healthy, organic and locally-owned businesses that offer services that will complement your before and after workout; be sure to try out that detoxing juice or deep tissue massage.

Once inside, the space is simple, bright and airy with lightly-coloured laminate floors, white walls and natural wooden structures as its focal points. The dynamic A-frame and structural design is a collaboration between founder, Karlo Kowalcyk and local carpenter, Jeff Child – so the next time you have a log to hop over or crawl across when hiking through BC’s alpine, you can first conquer it in the studio. This little neck of the woods will breathe life back into your exercise regime.

The Trainers
RH visionary, Karlo, along with coaches Keshava Raghuveer and Pax Frias, come from an incredible myriad of fitness experiences and certifications – from hiking through the Andes and martial arts to achieving “top of class” sniper status. They’re here to redefine the way you move and look at fitness.

Get Pax to show you how to “kong” your way through a rocky and rugged trail and if you feel up to the challenge, how to live with minimalist furniture – as, according to Pax, couches are overrated. Pick Kesh’s brain and he will get you thinking about your body’s movements like they’re clockwork so you’ll know how work that push up, right down to the bottom of your scapula. Take a few minutes and watch K walk on his hands with his legs straddled, join him in a sprint around the block in your bare feet and then top it off with a series of accolades upon crossing the finish line. This terrific trio will show you how to function like a boss.

The Training
Have a gym membership you never use? Let it go. Try out a RH session and get moving. After just one session, reps and sets will become intuitive and no longer intimidating. Learn to nourish your body’s joints and tissues. Prevent and recover from injuries, strengthen and soothe muscles you never knew you had, condition the body to a state of awesomeness and build crazy cardio by using the simplest and “nutritious” forms of movement.

RH crew members can feel confident to frog jump into handstands, parkour beams and blocks, stick fight like a ninja, lunge over imaginary lava and hang from tree trunks – and do it all whilst smiling, laughing and high fiving. In all seriousness, the only seriousness in this studio is in the movements themselves. Working out can actually be fun, social and a means to become part of a community.

RH offers clients private training sessions, group classes and now, a 3-month transformation program with milestones to get you back into the groove – literally. Rotate through cracks, gain mobility and ease tension. Learn your limits and how to exceed them. Every inch of your body will thank you. Become a better human.

The Inside Scoop
Read Like Vancouver’s follow-up piece on Restore Human next week to learn some innovative fitness tips from the coaches and learn more about the benefits and progress of becoming a restored human and/or follow me on Instagram @missvimi for my personal transformation with RH.

The Info
Restore Human (Group Training)
3574 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6R 1N8
(778) 879-5234

Restore Human (Private Training)
1606 Yew St.
Vancouver, BC
V6K 3E7
(778) 879-5234

Book a free intro private training session here.

They’re also a 1% For The Planet member because they truly believe in sustainability. So hot right now.