Show Preview: Quantic

Quantic returns to the road to present a monthlong North American tour — devoted to the beloved 45 rpm record. The musician/producer/DJ, né Will Holland, has been traveling with a box of 45s under his arm since beginning his DJ career at the age of 16. Now, with over 18 studio albums and countless singles, he’s hitting the road to spin his unique sound of tropical-soul and sub-bass laden polyrhythm. Spinning a mix of original material, personally cut on dub plates by Holland himself, and a choice selection of tunes culled from a lifetime of crate digging, he’s stopping for one night only on March 27 to spin at Vancouver’s Electric Owl.

Will Holland, aka Quantic
Will Holland

Known for his devotion to analogue recording-techniques and creative, postmodern studio sessions, Holland wanted to highlight the humble vinyl disc which has kept dance floors alive since their conception in 1949. ‘The simplicity of the format of a 45 makes for a objective approach to music’ says Holland, ‘the 45 is the music lover’s choice— short and sweet, rich and telling.’ The 45 has forever been linked with the dance floor; whether in the cover-up label dances of the Northern Soul era, or Reggae-era specials spinning on Jamaican speaker stacks, or, with the chart topping singles of the 80’s pop era. With the rise in interest and sale of vinyl in the past few years and an all-around appreciation for vinyl, Holland will be offering an exclusive limited edition 45 for sale throughout the tour.

The term Latin music is offputting. People think of cheesy bossa nova.

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