Travi$ Scott at Venue

April 22, 2015
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Travi$ Scott emerged from a 4/20 smoke cloud last night on stage at Venue, reinforced with deep gangster beats and trippy auto-tune voice distortions. The sold-out show was filled with young energy and mad hip hop vibes.

The long anticipated wait for his arrival was extended with the opening appearances of several local Vancouver hip hop artists and Re-Up DJs starting the night with southern rap mixes. Venue was packed with Travi$ Scott lookalikes outfitted with threads from the rapper’s clothing brand La Flame. Without a doubt, the American hip hop scene in Vancouver caters to a younger generation.

With fans endlessly screaming out his name for the better part of an hour, the star of the show finally graced us with his presence shortly after midnight. Wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt and blunt in hand, Travi$’s vibe blends punk rock with heavy metal, and you could feel the audience eating up the performer’s on-stage aggression. Those lucky (or not so lucky depending on your point of view) enough to be up close to the stage quickly became part of a moshpit.

Fuelled with rockstar rage, Travi$ Scott demanded the crowd to get hyped during the many intervals he took to insult the sound technicians for cutting the auto-tune as well as some fans for trying to escape the moshpit. But the crowd loved it anyway. Fans sang along to every word of Scott’s popular tracks like “Mamacita” and “Upper Echelon.” Meanwhile, a guy hung off the upper balcony and eventually jumped into the crowd. The rapper’s bigger-than-life, if somewhat belligerent, persona was matched only by his energetic on stage presence, which continued to feed into the crowd until the very last beat.

Travi$ Scott’s mix of punk rock and gangster vibes clearly offers a young audience with a much needed outlet for controlled aggression. And in that, if nothing else, Scott delivered.