John Talabot

April 23, 2015
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Fortune Sound Club is undoubtedly one of Vancouver’s best venues, thanks to a chilled out atmosphere, a perfectly balanced sound system and someone who consistently manages to book some of the best DJs around. And last night, which featured a five hour DJ set by Marc Piñol and John Talabot, was proof (if proof was needed).

It’s unfortunate that Piñol had to spin to a mostly empty dance floor but as the room started to fill up and bodies started to move to the beat, you could feel the energy in the air. The star of the night, of course, was Barcelona-based DJ/producer Talabot, who has gained notoriety for creating a style of music all his own — his live shows are raw, loopy, and mix a touch of Chicago house with a dash of afro beat, a bit of disco, and even, perhaps unsurprisingly given where he’s from, the energy of Flamenco.

During his DJ set at Fortune he kept the crowd on its toes, literally, as he mixed up the pace and groove, all the while layering in some expected samples (like Romy’s vocals from Jamie XX’s new single “Loud Places”) as well as some surprising ones (was that a Yes sample I heard in there?) and favourites like “Sunshine” and maybe “Without You.” But the night wasn’t really about trying to figure out what he was playing but really letting the beats wash over us.

Past midnight the room was completely packed and the vibe much too awesome to really worry about the particulars. Before we knew what had hit us, the set was over and we bounced on our toes into the chilly Vancouver night.