Marc Newson. Art Edition

April 4, 2015
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This limited art edition of 100 copies, each numbered and signed, is the ultimate bible to the career of one of the most adventurous modern designers of our time.

Each of Marc Newson’s designs are presented chronologically by category to include his early work such as the Lockheed Lounge, which was sold at auction for two million dollars, the highest price paid for a piece of designer furniture. The Australian designer has done it all, from mass-produced objects (watches, chairs, lamps) to boutiques and restaurants, concept cars, large scale projects such as the interior of Qantas’s A380 and even a spaceship. Entries feature photographs (some of the designer at work) and sketches that demonstrate the development of ideas while renderings of unrealized designs and early works put the evolution of his career in broader context. The handsome leather-bound tome slips into a Micarta case designed by Newson and Richard Allan. If the $6000 tome is out of reach, there’s always the (slightly) more affordable but equally beautiful Marc Newson. Works edition, which will only set you back a grand.

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