3 Reasons To Visit The Kohler Signature Store

December 22, 2017
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The Kohler Signature Store on West Broadway has kitchen and bathroom accessories that top the naughty or nice list.

Stumped trying to figure out the perfect gift for those that seem to have it all? We popped into the Kohler Signature Store and selected three gifts that blend form, function and cheer to satisfy even the most impossible-to-shop-for people in your life.

If you are thinking, why would I brave the sideways rain and frosty temperatures when I can just click away while at home? The Kohler Signature Store has staged kitchens and bathrooms with working appliances, so you can decide in person what item is the best fit and avoid the shipping delays and re-gift pile.

A pinch of effort up-front will pay off, and you will have an excuse to buy that tall extra hot almond milk easy whip pumpkin spice latte for the journey to the West Side.

Touchless foaming soap dispenser:

Spread joy not germs. The hygienic no touch operation, 20 second lighted timer (CDC recommended length of time to wash hands) and a sleek design makes this a great gift or a must-have accessory during holiday party season. Available at Kohler.ca and at the Kohler Signature Store.

Wine glass drying rack:

Glass spots be gone. Enjoy holiday entertaining without the in-laws scrubbing off watermarks on your wine glasswear. This wine glass drying rack holds glasses upside-down to increase air circulation and reduce water spots on the glass. It accommodates wine glasses of various shapes, sizes, and heights and folds away for storage when not in use. Available at Kohler.ca and at the Kohler Signature Store.

Aquifer double cartridge water filtration system:

Vancouver has pretty good drinking water compared to global water cleanliness. But is pretty good what you are shooting for when it comes to gift giving?  We didn’t think so. This double cartridge water filtration system is easy to install, effectively removes lead, chlorine and pharmaceuticals that inevitably make way into our drinking water. And what sets this system apart from the rest is it uses crushed coconut shells to filter the water rather than charcoal, and has a postage-paid recycling program for used cartridges to reduce solid waste to landfills. Stay hydrated with tasty drinking water during this holiday season, because we know you plan on heavily dipping into the spiked eggnog. Cheers to that.

Available at Kohler.ca and at the Kohler Signature Store.