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May 9, 2017
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From hot shaves and fades to a signature line of grooming products, JD’s barbershop has everything you need for a fresh spring clean up.

Judah Down (JD) needs no introduction if you’ve spent more than a minute Downtown. He opened his flagship barbershop in Gastown in 2002 before man-buns, beards and boutique everythings. Now that the hood has transformed into an, at times, painfully hip millennial mecca, the brand has spread out to other parts of town.

The most recent JD’s location, posted in the Dunbar area, is where I went to see how handsome a little spring clean-up could make me. I’ll let you know now, if you are thinking of cheating on your hairdresser/barber, book with Weldon and it will be ‘bye Felicia’ for your current coif captain.

Here is why…

The location:

Parking anywhere downtown is a headache. Sure, you could ride the bus or bike, but who has time for that? You don’t because you have two kids and a bunch of mind-numbing birthday parties to go to. Hit up Jethro’s for some fine grub, stroll the parks and leave some time for the hot shave…

The Hot Shave:

The last time I felt this manly was when I saved a swan from dying in the streets of the Stanley park causeway. Coach Weldon guided me through each phase of becoming a born-again-baby-face. His gift of timing pop culture references to reassuring ‘i won’t slit your throat’ promises made the entire experience a pleasure right up to the ‘home alone’ moment. You know, when Macaulay Culkin puts on the aftershave. All caught up now?

The Before And After:

Even if you don’t roll out looking like Brad Pitt, you’ll feel like you do. And that is what counts. JD’s Dunbar has a nice clean esthetic, great art, and a community feel that doesn’t make you feel like bringing the kids was bad idea. The Dunbar area, which can feel a bit outdated and lifeless, is a better destination now that JD’s is on the scene. A newly renovated Stongs Grocery store provides a much needed facelift to the area as well.

Photos by Justine Summers and Video Production by Alex Fraser at heyf.ca

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