Goodfood Meal Kit Company

June 2, 2018
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Montreal-based Goodfood is expanding its meal delivery services to Vancouverites thanks to their newly opened distribution facility in Calgary.

The cost of living in Vancouver continues to climb through the roof and Vancouverites are working longer hours, picking up side-hustles faster than you can say “rental-crisis” and are more time-crunched than ever. Given these escalating demands, healthy living remains a high priority for most Westcoast inhabitants, so it is no surprise healthy food delivery services have found a sturdy market to sink their teeth into.

Enter Goodfood Meal Kit Company.

While meal delivery options like Goodfood aren’t new to the Westcoast, the brand is looking to stand out in a crowd densely populated with foodies, vegans and notoriously picky eaters.

Since launching in 2014, Goodfood has experienced substantial growth in revenues and subscribers increasing by more than 300% in the past year, primarily winning over east-coasters being voted by Toronto Life as one of Toronto’s favorite meal providers.

Does success in Toronto mean Goodfood will succeed in the Westcoast?

The good folks at Goodfood decided to put their food where our taste-buds are, and sent us three dinners to check out. A Grilled Chicken with Heirloom Tomato Salad, Seared Steak with homemade Kimchi and Halloumi Tacos. The meals came with nicely packaged, fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow cooking instructions. A little chopping and preparation was needed, but overall cooking time was short and the entire process was a breeze.

Peep our video on how the first of three meals went.

Good Food, food delivery. from Like Vancouver on Vimeo.