Tonight For Tomorrow

May 9, 2017
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Turn dining out into helping out on May 10, for Mealshare’s Tonight for Tomorrow event.

Whether your weekly Wednesday ritual involves wings, wine, working out, or another alliterative activity, tomorrow you’ll want to interrupt your regular schedule and participate in Mealshare’s Tonight for Tomorrow event. On Wednesday, May 10, take yourself out to dinner for a one-night-only event designed to help raise funds to end youth hunger.

Mealshare, a local non-profit founded in 2013, partners with restaurants across Canada to provide meals to youth in need through a “buy one, give one” model. Thanks to the participating restaurants, and not one, but two matching donors, every one dollar spent on food for Tonight for Tomorrow, two dollars will go to Mealshare.

Las year’s inaugural Tonight for Tomorrow, in Vancouver and Calgary, raised $40,000. This success allowed Mealshare to expand to three new cities, double their staff, and provide their millionth meal. “Our goal is to raise $120,000 this year,” says Derek Juno, vice president of business development at Mealshare. “This will allow us to grow and expand to even more communities across Canada and the US.” With 15 participating restaurants, there are plenty of dining out options for those wishing to do some good, and while I wish I could dine at each eatery, even the stretchiest pants in the world wouldn’t help me. Instead, I will happily settle for lunch at Fable with coworkers, a dinner with girlfriends at The Mackenzie Room, and a late night snack and a beer at Portside Pub! “If you’re going to eat out at all this month, make it May 10 because you’ll be making a big difference”, says Juno.

Gather your friends, family and lovers and turn dining out into helping out! To see a list of participating restaurants, and for more information on Mealshare click here.

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