Annual Childrens’ Toys and Clothing Swap

October 15, 2019
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This October 20, 2019, Anna Hasonova is organizing her third kids’ toy and clothing swap at Budding Children’s Garden & Daycare, in Vancouver, BC, where she works as a teacher.

The semi-annual event is a fun way to introduce families to the centre, while helping them recycle their clothes, and this year, Anna is excited about it because she is also pregnant.

“Even before I was pregnant, I was interested in baby clothes. I studied fashion design, especially children’s clothes, which are so cute. Now, I’m looking at everything and thinking about my baby, too. Even the merchandizing will be fun.”

Buddings is one of the only programs in the city without a waitlist for toddlers, offering flexible web-booking, with as little as one hour’s notice. With over 400 families registered, the clothing swap is a chance for everyone to move into the new season for less money, and with less waste.

“It’s eco, and fun! At a swap, there’s a chance to meet other moms, and to pass clothes on, and not waste them.”

Each year, on average, adult Canadians throw out more than 37kg of textiles, according to a new pilot by the Return It program. Almost 40,000kg each year, and approximately 5% of the solid waste in Metro Vancouver landfills is textiles, much of which could be recycled. With children, even brand new clothing might be thrown away.

“Babies comes in all different sizes, and if my baby is big, the sizes, like 0 – 3months, might never fit.” Plus, new parents receive gifts for the babies that may be the wrong size for the season. Many of these items are outgrown before they are ever worn!

At Anna’s spring swap last April, the number of items for children under 18 months was almost equal to that of the rest of the swap, which accepts toys and clothing for kids 0 – 5 years. Since many parents already have more than they need, when the swap was over, she still had 10 full black garbage bags of beautiful, useable clothing that she donated to Big Brothers of Vancouver.

This time, she and her team are adding a $1 power-hour for parents of new-borns, and as-yet-unborns, to pick up onesies and infant ware for just $1 per item.

From 11am to 1pm, all-age items will be available for purchase at 1438 Cedar Cottage Mews (near Knight and Kingsway) for just $2/item. At 1pm, the $1-onesies take the floor, and Anna hopes maternity clinics and prenatal organizations will hear about the sale, and send their members.

Participating families who drop items off by Oct. 18 receive their first 10 items for free. Details and registration are online at

For more info, please contact Talia Erickson, at or 778-847-4992.

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