Ollie Quinn Eyewear

June 28, 2017
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Ollie Quinn Eyewear offers a boutique shopping experience with a luxurious line of on trend eyewear for all humans, for a great price.

Finding the right sunglasses can be a chore. Finding ones that fit, don’t max out the credit line and allow your unique look to shine through is like winning the lottery. Entering the big box stores with the big name designer brands, you often feel like you’ve stepped onto a used car lot complete with the high pressure sales tactics soon to be followed with a crushing feeling of buyers remorse. And then you sit on your $300 Ray-Bans crying into your “free” lens cleaning rag.

Ollie Quinn to the rescue. Founded in London, UK, in 2013, the brand trained its sights on Canada by dropping anchor with a dozen or so community minded brick and mortar shops. You can expect to drop by any of the locally designed and decorated locations and be offered a local craft beer, or browse a pop-up collection of jewellery while trying on some epic frames. You can also expect to be greeted by a stylish human willing help you find the perfect fit.

This all seems pretty standard, right? Here is what sets the brand apart from the competition.

Simplicity: One price $145; attention to detail; subtle branding hits you over time; all frames can be purchased as glasses or sunglasses; and access to an in-store optician.

This means you can wander in with a fuzzy idea of what you’d like and strut out with a clear vision of what you’ve got. Beautiful eyewear, possibly a beer in your belly and room in your budget to see Arcade Fire in the Fall. Weew!

We strolled by the Main Street location and picked up a pair of chic-classic Miller sunglasses and a pair of chunkier Andersen shades, both with polarized lenses. Holding the frames in hand you notice the brushed steel hinges, subtle mottled colour hits and understated logo presence. You’d be hard pressed to tell these apart from a pair of astronomically priced Lindberg or Prada shades (of similar design). We are sure the Ollie Quinn experience will result in an Ollie Quinn grin.

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Sunglass photo flats courteous of Ollie Quinn

Store images by Tyler Summers