Hats Off to Yaletown’s Goorin Bros

June 2, 2016
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Summer is here and so is hat season. Head over to Yaletown’s Goorin Bros and get fitted with the perfect hat for any occasion, be it your best bud’s wedding or a weekend fishing trip.

Ilook terrible in hats. You’ve probably said these exact words (or a variation on them) to yourself at some point in your life. But Matt Clayden, Goorin Bros’ North District Leader, will tell you otherwise. People come into the family-owned business all the time saying they can never find a hat that suits them. It’s not the shape of your face or head that’s the problem, but the simple fact that you haven’t been properly fitted by someone who knows his Flatcaps from his Bowlers and Fedoras. If it’s a hat you are after, head over to Yaletown’s Goorin Bros.

Dial back the clock to 1895 and you’ll find Goorin Bros’ founder Cassel Goorin touring the streets of Pittsburgh, selling hand-made hats out of a horse-drawn cart. A family man, Goorin carved out a loyal following that allowed his legacy to be passed down four generations to today’s capable hands of company president Ben Goorin.

Today, the company has 36 locations across North America. The look at many of them probably hasn’t changed much since Goorin Bros’ opened his first store. Leather arm chairs, dark wood accents, and turn-of-the-century artefacts set the scene at the Yaletown location, and rumour has it one man (Bob the Gilder) applied the genuine 23k gold leaf lettering and artwork to the window here and at all the other locations. Today, the centuries-old lettering technique is making a comeback at many restaurants and shops across Vancouver and around the globe.

I headed over to Goorin Bros one sunny afternoon to see if my weird shaped skull would be doomed to another hatless summer. I did as I was told by the friendly sales associate and left any preconceived notions of what does or doesn’t look good on my head. We talked about what uses I might want from my hat (hanging at the beach! finally going on that fishing trip I’ve been talking about!) and my budget. I tried a over a dozen hats and after many fittings finally found a hat that looks good and will age well — much like the Goorin Bros brand itself.

How To Find The Perfect Summer Hat At Goorin Brothers Yaletown. from Like Vancouver on Vimeo.