Frank & Oak SC

April 20, 2016
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Frank & Oak launches its second release of premium utility gear at select Frank & Oak stores across Canada and online. Giddy up.

Athleisure, sport-casual, chillin gear, fleece-wear, the list of names for the booming fashion trend of wearing all things fluffy and forgiving to the frame (or figure) is keeping Canadian based Frank & Oak busy in the design room and online. The brand’s latest 54-piece collection is available starting April 20th (until it’s gone) and offers a range of joggers, commuter pants, tees, mid-layers and outerwear all built with a clean aesthetic and a focus on function.

Expect 4-way stretch nylon fabric that feels like a second skin — but moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties (can your real skin do that?). You know those spring weather days that make you wonder if your local meteorologist is a pathological liar? This collection will have you prepared for anything that cranky ole’ mother nature might throw your way.

To get you in the spirit of the collection, Frank & Oak has partnered up with a renowned Toronto-based cityscape photographer, @jayscale, and his crew. Peep this short film featuring the man himself in his natural element, snapping social media influencer worthy shots faster than you can queue up your VSCO filters.

Want our advice? Take a light jog down to the 316 West Cordova Frank & Oak shop or pop online and snap up some gear before it’s all gone. Now that the super tight skinny jean trend has gone the way of the Dodo, you can sport comfy, functional clothing in public and be in style. But let’s be honest, Vancouverites have been rocking the athleisure gear in public for years, and have taken a lot of heat from the fashionistas for it. Perhaps, we were just one step ahead all along?