Capture Photography Festival

March 31, 2016
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The Capture Photography Festival returns to Vancouver on Friday, April 1st for its third annual celebration, featuring public art projects, events and films, a speaker series and 100 free exhibitions.

Capture Photography Festival strives to exhibit installations of historical and modern conceptual photography, also known as photoconceptualism. Emerging in Vancouver in the 1980s, this form of photography is rehearsed, requires minimal execution and is meant to engage its audience to deliberate, reflect and come to conclusions. Thus, you will see Vancouver’s history captured by photographic images that not only challenge the norms of being aesthetically pleasing but also the aspiration of being exhibited in galleries or museums.

Capture Photography Festival offers four major public art installations in a myriad of sites and spaces around Vancouver. Check them out on your next transit excursion.

BC Hydro Dal Grauer Substation: “The Collector and The Showroom,” by Canadian photographer, Stephen Waddell, was created specifically to represent the fast-paced substation facade.

DalG.SW.FEB4.016_FINAL copy

Capture’s Canada Line Project: “Lying Stills: Constructing Truth with Photography” is a representation of artworks from multiple artists on the exteriors of nine Canada Line stations from downtown’s Waterfront to YVR Airport.


The Capture Billboard Project: “Hot Properties” is a series of historic works from Jim Breukelman, featuring photographs of Vancouver’s unique and trendy homes built in the 1930s and 1940s.

Hot Properties-02

North Vancouver’s Lonsdale Quay: “Viewpoint” is a two­-part project by Erin Siddall and Sean Arden that transforms a shipping container into a camera obscura and converts another container into an exhibition space.

10ES+SA2015Sample View_03

Check out Capture Photography Festival’s full program of events and listings. Take part in this inclusive and diverse exhibit of culture, development and creativity, support the visual arts and see what this amazing city has to offer us, yet again.