Best Anti-Valentine’s Day Events

February 5, 2016
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A guide to Vancouver’s anti-Valentine’s Day events. Hating never tasted so good.

Valentine’s Day. For many, it’s the season to break out the boxed wine, sweatpants and Bridget Jones’ Diary. For others, it’s a time to remind friends of the perils of falling for a marketing stunt invented by Hallmark. In short, it’s the holiday that haters love to hate. Fortunately, rebelling against V-Day and having a good time are no longer mutually exclusive. Here’s a list of things one can enjoy without ruining his or her anti-Valentine’s credibility:

Vancouver’s largest anti-valentine’s day party
If you’re looking for somewhere that’s guaranteed to be free of paper hearts, pink sparkles, and swooning newlyweds, look no further than The Blackbird on the edge of Coal Harbour. While the event listings boast of encounters with Vancouver’s most “eligible singles,” there’s nothing to stop partygoers from sticking with their friends and sampling the bar’s ample scotch selection or a few of its 46 craft beers on tap. You know what won’t judge you for being single on Valentine’s Day? The Blackbird’s freshly-baked pizza of the day. That’s what. Tickets sell out quickly, so get them while you can.

Love bites
If there’s one thing that takes the sting out of going home alone at the end of the night, it’s spiced duck breast. Join fellow humbugs at Café Medina for an evening that delights the senses. “There are just as many people out there who avoid Valentine’s Day as those who embrace it,” says Café Medina Owner Robbie Kane. “We decided to go against the grain this year and host a festive social gathering with a friendly atmosphere, good company and great food.” This event includes a locally-sourced 5-course meal, sparkling wine, live jazz and a diverse community of Valentine’s Day haters – singles, families, friends and couples who are over it. Get your tickets here.

Hot chocolate festival
While there are plenty of opportunities for V-Day to put a bad taste in your mouth – maybe you got “vancouvered” by your wingman, or maybe your partner thought carnations were acceptable – the Sixth Annual Hot Chocolate Festival won’t be one of them. Choose from 25 locations across the city and prepare to indulge. Whether you’re planning an afternoon out with a friend, taking your mom out for a well-deserved treat, bringing a special someone or going solo with a book (who needs distractions from chocolate?), you can be sure that you’re supporting a good cause. The proceeds go to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Job Training Program, The PHS Community Services Society and East Van Roasters.

There’s no excuse for sitting at home and watching Ryan Gosling’s marriage disintegrate in Blue Valentine when you could be living it up on Sunday night with fellow haters.