Salt Tasting Room’s Italian Gas Station Experiment

January 29, 2016
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February got you feeling down? Pop in at Salt Tasting Room for a glass, flight or bottle of wine and enjoy free Italian gas station inspired tapas. Mangia, mangia!

Ahhh, Italy. The folks over there know a thing or two about cars. Making them. Driving them. Most likely having sex in them. It should come as no surprise that they’ve got the gas station food thing down to an art. That’s a fact. If you’ve ever made a pit stop while driving through the winding streets of Positano on a Motoguzzi, you are likely nodding your head in agreement. Meanwhile in Canada, your options are limited to heat-lamp warmed galactic-plastic-cheese-goo on nachos, heart-attack hot dogs on a stick, and food so processed it could pass off for the fake plastic food in a toddler kitchen set.

Salt Tasting Room recognizes that you might not have the time, energy or cashola to fly out to Italy on a fact-checking mission, so they brought us the ‘Italian Gas Station Experiment’ with partners Urbani Foods.

L’affare (the deal)

Free tapas such as Venetian Tea sandwiches, fresh sausages sous vide in a jar, and Urbani’s famous Arancini Risottoballs (the most popular street food in Italy) when you order a glass, flight or bottle of wine. You have the entire month of February to make Salt Tasting Room your after work wine-o’clock pit stop. If you feel like re-creating the Italian Gas Station experiment at home, you can take purchase your favourite Urbani Food item at 50% off retail. Win.

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