Eat a Beta5 Sparkling Raspberry Chocolate on VDay

February 13, 2017
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Beta5, purveyors of creative cream puffs, premium quality chocolate bars and hand-crafted chocolate truffles, stage a Cambie Village popup shop for Valentine’s Day.

You’re in love or maybe you’ve got an annual membership at the Lonely Hearts’ Club. Perhaps you think February 14th is just the sweetest day of the year. Or maybe you believe it’s a Hallmark holiday made for suckers, the likes of which you wouldn’t be caught dead associating with. We get it, we’re not here to convince you one way or the other. What we are here to tell you is that there is one thing you should do on February 14: eat a Beta5 Sparkling Raspberry Chocolate (or 3). They’re guaranteed to raise a smile.

On February 2 BETA5 set up shop — a popup shop! — at 3345 Cambie Street. Long and narrow like a chocolate box, the shop is saturated with colour and creativity thanks to a mural installation by local graphic artist and painter Scott Sueme, and a display table from Woodreform’s Tim Grant lined with colorful perfecctly crafted truffle chocolates and chocolate bars.

There’s the spherical Heart of Gold made with raspberry jelly, dark chocolate and tonka bean ganache, crunchy almond-hazelnut praline in a dark chocolate shell, dusted with gold. There’s the petal pink Queen of Hearts chocolate bar, which features freeze-dried raspberries and candied earl grey tea. There are the polygon bar collaborations with The Juice Truck (Almost Chocolate) and Matchstick Coffee (Flat White). There is also BETA5’s signature cream puffs in Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Quince Tres Leches and Raspberry Earl Grey, as well as a Strawberry Jasmine Cream Puff available exclusively for the 12-day run of the popup.

They’re all good, I know because I tried them all. But one thing stood out from the lot. Only one thing tasted like love itself, the kind of love you feel when you’re a child, when you love purely and unconditionally and without reserve.

Sparkling Raspberry Chocolate is an almond and hazelnut praline, a thing of beauty studded with popping candy and freeze-dried raspberries. It tastes like childhood and the time when you first feel your heart go pitter patter.

Go taste one. Trust me. And happy whatever.

BETA5 Chocolates Valentine’s Popup
3345 Cambie Street
Until February 14th, 12-7pm