International Women’s Day Arts Festival

March 7, 2019
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Smash patriarchy at UBC’s new International Women’s Day Arts Festival, Turn It Up and Disrupt

From #metoo to Gillette ads, a new conversation about gender equity is entering the mainstream. How do we tap into this, strengthen a movement where everyone is on board and push for meaningful shifts in our society? Experience a brand new festival at UBC that leverages the creative arts to ignite positive change.

On Saturday, March 9, at the Turn it Up and Disrupt festival finale, The UBC Arts and Culture District will be the place for:

  • dynamic intersectional feminist panels and workshops
  • critically-acclaimed Trans Scripts and Dissolve theatre shows
  • all-Indigenous Burlesque show and a workshop by Virago Nation
  • craftivism, art, writing, and DJ’ing workshops
  • art spaces, exhibits and more.

In addition, on March 8, there’s a whole day of free programming featuring a jam-packed femme cabaret and activations by the Suffragist Literature course students.

Tickets start at only $10!

International Women’s Day comes only once a year, so make it the most memorable by coming to this event and bringing your friends.