September 15, 2015
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A lot of good things on this curious spinning planet go unnoticed. Take a hiatus from the media sound waves buzzing with bickering politicians, global suffering, melting ice caps and celebrity gossip and check out something good, something harmoniously hybrid: the fifth anniversary of Hapa-palooza,  a mixed roots festival.

What is a mixed roots festival you ask? It is a festival of literary, film, music and dance performances that celebrate identity as a place of hybridity, synergy and acceptance. Founded in 2011 by HAPA – the Hybrid Ancestry Public Arts Society, a non-profit society dedicated to bringing public programming that explores and celebrates mixed heritage.

Shining a spotlight on multi-ethnic cultural identity, the festival presents five incredible events featuring award winning author Lawrence Hill (Book of Negroes); Hollywood actor Patrick Gallagher (Glee, Night at the Museum); humanitarian and professional snowboarder Tamo Campos; comedian and activist Sean Devlin (ShitHarperDid.com, Yes Men/Yes Lab); musicians Bucknab Coe and David Morin; authors Brandy Worrall (What Doesn’t Kill Us), Chelene Knight (Braided Skin); and many more.

“When you start a festival, you never really know if it’s going to survive. And we’re so humbled to have the support of Vancouver and other communities around he world for the last five years,” says co-founder and filmmaker Chiba Stearns, “It’s a testament to the fact that we’re at the cusp of something big, especially because the Hapa community is one of the the fastest growing demographics in North America.”

Go to to the Hapa-palooza website for all the fine details and go soak up some good.