Cuisine & Confessions Hits the Spot

January 30, 2017
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Cuisine & Confessions is a culinary performance and everyone’s invited to have a seat at the table.

It might be Dine Out season  but the best meal you’ll have is not even part of the festival. In fact, at this event the only food that’s served is banana bread and pasta, and it comes at the end of the show when the audience is invited on stage to taste what’s been cooking throughout the production. So what’s it all about?

Cuisine & Confessions, by Montreal-based circus company Les 7 Doigts de la Main (The 7 Fingers), is a perfect blend of circus, dance, acrobatics, multilingual personal narratives, philosophical questions and, of course cooking. Throughout the entire spectacle, the audience is completely enthralled and involved, it is clear that we all feel very much a part of the experience.


This piece speaks to our desire to connect to art on multiple levels; whether it be the awe and pure entertainment of watching the lyrical and seamless choreography or the emotions we feel hearing stories about the player’s families — stories often rooted in pain but framed by recipes.

As one of the actors on stage declaring his love to Julie (an audience member who becomes an integral part of his story) says, “It’s crazy how food can bring us together.” Cuisine & Confessions leaves us wanting more and since Theatre La Seizieme has two more shows this season I’ll be sure to go back for seconds, maybe even thirds.


Photos: Alexandre Galliez