BIL Conference In Vancouver

February 20, 2016
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BIL Conference returns to Vancouver’s Convention Centre for afternoon of inspiring and innovative lectures and talks. Unlike TED, admission is by donation. Like TED, your mind will be blown.

If there’s one topic that’s hot on the lips in 2016, it’s “innovation.” For a term that seems to be every industry’s flavor-of-the-week buzzword– from visual arts and environmental sciences, to technology and analytics – it’s one that’s difficult to define. If you’ve ever been the listening ear to a zealous MBA student or an emerging tech entrepreneur, defining innovation and deciphering exactly what’s fascinating about it will be an activity you’re familiar with.

Yet, if it weren’t fascinating to a large number of us, TED Talks wouldn’t exist. And they do. And people pay enormous amounts of money for the opportunity to be inspired by them.

Luckily, Vancouver has a few movers and shakers of its own, and Vancouverites need not pay thousands of dollars to access their stories, which means we can save our money for things like rent, or GPS goggles, or whatever it is hip people are getting excited about these days.

The convention centre is holding its annual BIL Conference this weekend and, like years past, admission is by donation, so if you ever wondered what the world’s feral street cats have to teach us, or how to cure a wicked case of “everythingitus” (the disease of being busy), this may the place for you on Sunday afternoon.

Speaking of everything, this unconference has a little something for everyone. For the sci-curious, DNA Scientist Scott Pownall will be speaking on biohacking. Animator and Author Jason Porath, who worked on films like Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon will discuss history’s most badass women (“Princesses that Disney Won’t Touch”). Also on the docket is a lecture entitled “Forget unicorns. Let’s talk about rhinos,” which may be the sexiest-ever title for a discussion on the slow and steady approach to starting your own business.

If any of those topics sound interesting to you, consider an unconventional afternoon at the convention center. This is an event that Vancouver’s most curious citizens certainly shouldn’t miss.

BIL Conference