Date night at West

December 5, 2017
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Way over due for a date night with the love of your life? We think so. West Restaurant and Bar has a new tasting menu driven by creative culinary talent Chef Bobby Milheron that is guaranteed to put you in cupids cross-hairs.


The conversation went like this…

4 year old son: “Mom, you should go out for dinner with Dad. You are grumpy. You need to recharge, so you can be a better parent.”

Mom: Jaw on ground. “Uh, what?” Calls sitter, calls Dad, calls West Restaurant and Bar. Fifteen minutes later, dinner is booked.

Seriously though, when your child tells you to go be a better parent, you listen, you act, you seize the moment. You might not get another chance like this for awhile.

When we arrived at West Restaurant and Bar, head manager Giovanni Giardino was expecting us. Greeting us by name and leading us to the Chef’s table across from, you guessed it, the chef (and his kitchen). It was hard not to notice how the genuinely welcoming staff made us feel, like returning family members. A nice feeling in a sometimes too-cool-for-school Vancouver restaurant scene.

Within moments of our soft landing, it was time to figure out a cocktail selection. My better-half, hailing from a little town near Manchester U.K., went for the Moscow Fog (Earl Grey tea, vodka and bitters with a lemon and honey treatment). I was looking for something with a little more kick. A frothy cocktail called the 4 o’clock appeared, made with Bourbon, Grand Marnier and bitters. Rumour has it, Brett Butt of Corner Gas fame had a hand in naming the drink. He was on to something, it went down the hatch easily.


Date Night at West Restaurant and Bar from Like Vancouver on Vimeo.

Next up was an array of to-die-for selections from Bobby Milheron‘s new tasting menu featuring peak-of-season ingredients. Bobby’s signature Pacific Northwest driven culinary creations spread out in three tasting menu choices: sea, land and vegetarian.

The butter poached lobster with potato gnocchi and roasted mushroom was the stand-out dish for me, followed closely by the wild BC salmon. The lead up to the proteins portion of the tasting menu was a succulent culinary crescendo of squash salad, kampachi crude and sable fish with a soy-sake glaze. A date night wouldn’t be complete without indulging in dessert. A caramel apple tart with almond frangipane, poached apples (in mini scoops) and buttermilk ice cream fulfilled our sweet-tooth cravings.

What made this night special? The easy-to-enjoy tasting menu, the friendly staff expertly guiding wine pairing and cocktail choices, and a space that has a luxurious yet accessible vibe.