Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recommendations For Lovers

February 5, 2019
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We’ve uncovered five Vancouver restaurants that have poured their hearts into cocktails that will put cupid in your crosshairs.

Dry January was a great idea. Now your liver, heart and soul are well on the mend and ready for heart-pulsing action. Between the grasping of the cocktail glass, the lifting of the vessel to your lips and the momentous spilling of succulent, sinful spirits into your mouth, inhabits the true essence of Valentine’s Day magic. Celebratory sips spent with your love (or lovers as the case may be) tipping back masterfully crafted cocktails that gently usher in feelings of inhibition, laughter and joy. Let’s be honest, for many, V-Day is simply an excuse to participate in adult nap time, boinking, fenorking, enraging the cave.

You get the point, and now to the point: Five spots to get you one step closer to fishing for kippers.

Ancora – ‘Purple Storm’

A South American take on the classic Dark and Stormy, Ancora’s ‘Purple Storm’ is a sweet, floral drink that swaps out the traditional dark rum for Pisco, which has an aromatic, fruit-forward flavour profile. A homemade Peruvian Chicha Morada syrup that gives it a vibrant pink-purple hue while ginger (a natural aphrodisiac) offers an added zing and gives the libation some aphrodisiac qualities that make it perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Juke – ‘Thank U, Next’

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Juke will be slinging a weeklong cocktail feature named ‘Thank U, Next,’ a bittersweet concoction named for Ariana Grande’s infamous anti-love song. The pop-song-inspired libation is juicy and flavourful, and has the texture of a strawberry milkshake, but remains bright and balanced (and not too bitter) thanks to Aperol and vermouth.

Pourhouse – His ‘n’ Hers Cocktails – ‘L’Amour Rouge’ and ‘Cupid’s Love Spell’

Pourhouse bartenders Adam Domet and Sabrine Dhaliwal have parted up to create His and Hers cocktails for Valentine’s Day. Sparkling fans will swoon over Adam’s ‘L’Amour Rouge’ (the love that is red), a sweet and citrusy ‘for her’ bevy with red hue courtesy of a house-made raspberry and butter-washed bourbon. For him, Sabrine has conjured up ‘Cupid’s Love Spell,’ a strong sipper that’s sure to enchant classic cocktail fans. The blend of full-bodied cognac, Cocchi Rosa (an aromatized wine aperitivo), and bittersweet Amaro Averna liqueur results in a spirit-forward love potion that’s a perfect digestif after a romantic meal.

Tuc Craft Kitchen – ‘Heartbreak Hotel’

Fruity, floral and a vibrant shade of pink, Tuc’s ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ cocktail is a sweet sipper for lovers and lonely hearts alike. The amorous Valentine’s Day cocktail feature mingles rose, raspberry gin and white crème de cacao and is served in a ‘Nick and Nora’ glass (named after a husband and wife who created the style of glassware).

Wildebeest – ‘Hastings Club’

Wildebeest Bar Manager Alex Black will help get guests in the mood with a feature cocktail called ‘Hastings Club.’ A lovers-friendly libation inspired by the classic ‘Clover Club,’ Black’s unique spin mingles gin, orgeat, chocolate vanilla syrup, champagne vinegar and egg white and is finished with a vibrant hibiscus dust.