Unsung Heroes Festival

January 16, 2017
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Blue Water Cafe chef spearheads tides of change during Unsung Heroes Festival by showcasing unique and sustainable seafood.

Get schooled on delights from the deep during Unsung Heroes Festival, presented by Blue Water Cafe’s Executive Chef Frank Pabst and his brigade, who are longtime champions of ocean conservation practices.

“It is so rewarding to introduce new sources of seafood to our audience and encourage them to choose sustainable options which ultimately relieves pressure on overused stocks from our oceans,” says Chef Frank Pabst. “These formerly ‘unsung’ species are now heroes in their own right and have tipped the scales allowing us to embrace more options with better returns – for both the sea and our guests.”


During the last 12 years, stellar dishes such as stir-fried jellyfish, red sea urchin trifle, sturgeon liver pate, and poached periwinkles have graced Chef Pabst’s impressive Unsung Heroes menu. British Columbia’s giant red sea cucumber, which has just been listed as sustainable by the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise conservation program, will take pride of place on the 2017 menu. These pink-hued invertebrates are hand-picked by divers and can be enjoyed fresh or dried. Guests can look forward to tasting the newest gem of the Ocean Wise family in Chef’s black Himalayan risotto that’s deliciously studded with giant red sea cucumber, pig’s trotter, butternut squash and basil.

Unsung Heroes favourites from previous festivals include: 

Slipper Limpets tonkotsu shoyu ramen with water chestnut, green onion, enoki mushrooms, nori

Sea Urchin sea urchin mousse in a crispy shell with ponzu jelly and avocado sauce

Jellyfish stir fried jellyfish with pork belly, wood ear mushrooms, snow peas, cabbage, hoisin sauce

 Octopus charred octopus, morcilla sausage, picquillo peppers, arugula, white bean puree, chorizo oil

“Unsung Heroes is an event we look forward to every year. Not only does Chef Frank create a remarkable and innovative menu, but he and his culinary team have been true ambassadors for our oceans,” said Ann-Marie Copping, Ocean Wise Program Manager. “Turning our thoughts – and our taste buds – to the unsung heroes of sustainable seafood will make a lasting impact on our oceans, lakes, and rivers for generations to come. It is mindful dining, served deliciously.”

Best known for leading British Columbia’s sustainable seafood movement, Blue Water Cafe strives to educate guests on seafood sustainability while providing an exceptional dining experience. Blue Water Cafe is a founding member of the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program and annually donates 10% of the proceeds from Unsung Heroes to this essential program.

The Unsung Heroes Festival
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February 1st – February 28th, 2017
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