Strathcona Beer Co.

December 19, 2016
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Nestled in Yeast Van, Strathcona Beer Company stands out as a community driven space set to be a neighbourhood favourite.

Hailed by a bright red namesake sign, a nod to the iconic neon that is an emblem of Hastings Street in the day, Strathcona Beer Company honours the ‘hood they’re in.

As soon as you walk into this warm industrial space, it’s clear that the brewery is the star. The stainless steel fermentation tanks shine in the backdrop as you order your beer at the counter. Brewmaster Michael “Fezz” Nazarec knows his beer. He has been making the stuff for the past 30 years and although Strathcona Beer Co.’s philosophy “is a commitment to classic international beer,” Fezz brings a sense of adventure, curiosity and innovation to his craft. One of our favourites? Strathcona’s peach and raspberry sours fermented for up to a year in French oak barrels.


The team, Tim Knight and Adrian Mcinnes have roots in East Van and are committed to contributing to the neighbourhood in a positive way. The locally sourced menu and inviting space make this brewery more than just a quick stop on a Yeast Van tour, this is somewhere you can settle into a booth and hang with your people. Whether it’s a Sunday morning when they welcome a diverse crowd from local families coming in for brunch with their kids, to hipsters from across the city coming to check out this ever developing side of town, Strathcona Beer Co. buzzes with energy, laughter, music and a feeling of community.


Strathcona Beer Company
895 East Hastings Street