A Robbie Burns-inspired Whisky Dinner

January 24, 2017
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What happens when a self-proclaimed whisky hater joins experts, award-winning bartenders and chefs, and a spirited masterclass for a two-night popup dinner? Let’s find out.

I‘ve fallen in love with the idea of drinking scotch. The glorious sounding golden pour, rugged-yet-refined clinking bottles, and having the option of joining in on peaty, heather nosed conversations with confidence. Problem is, after a few sips my mind conjures up ways to artfully dump my glass of gasoline in the sink.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m a feeble wee man without the cojones to handle the kilted offerings of a drink often on the breath of high powered lawyers, bearded professors, and crusty seamen. Look, here is a photo of some scotch from a recent trip to Scotland, the birthplace of bagpipes, haggis, and rotgut rye. This is where I learned how to take a spider’s ass — aka a very small sip — and other skills such as using an eyedropper to add a few drops of water into a properly shaped glass for a sweeter, more flavourful experience.

Whisky Dine out 9

And here I am drinking Royal Salute 21 (a blended whisky) that my father-in-law brought to a family gathering in England. The flavour was so strong, I imagined myself in an old war movie taking swigs to keep the pain at bay before the axe chop removing my gangrenous leg.

Whisky Dine out 6

So, why try again? Why keep going back for more? Because I can. And you can join me. There are a few tickets left so, come find me and let’s see if together, we can join the club of ethanol enthusiasts. If a life long love of whisky doesn’t distill, you can bet your bagpipes the food will be incredible.

Dine Out
Robbie Burns Celebration: Seminar & Dinner featuring incredible expression of single malt and blended whiskies from Scotland, and Bittered Sling Bitters
Yew Seafood + Bar – Four Seasons Hotel, 791 West Georgia
January 24, 25
Tickets $135