Cornucopia: Pemberton Gets Seriously Local

November 15, 2016
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Just beyond the peaks and parks of Whistler, Pemberton offers us its reaps of world-renowned seed potato production and culinary creativity.

One way to experience Pemberton? Sip on locally made vanilla-infused and organic hemp vodkas and taste ingredients that are respected from pasture to plate.

We got to experience Cornucopia’s “Pembytopia – Comfort Foods & Cocktails” – a pairing of a mouth-watering Pemberton-inspired menu by Mile One Eating House’s Chef Randy Jones with fresh and seasonal cocktails and organic spirits devised by Pemberton Distillery’s Master Distiller, Tyler Schramm. This duo takes the local food scene seriously.

Tyler likes to get our buzz on at the strike of 12:30pm. Charming glasses of iced Meadows Punch set the tables. Every drop of this drink is sourced from home and is as organic as it can possibly be. Ingredients: Organic gin, Summerschnapps, Hare’s Farm Blueberry & hibiscus syrup, Coast Mountain Brewing Saison, lemon and Absinthe mist. When dining with Randy and Tyler, Tom Collins is for sissies.

Randy starts us off with his Tatlayoko Braised Beef Ravioli topped with Gremolata, Ricotta and Tomato Whisky Ragu. Far from effortless, these squares of goodness are sourced from Two Rivers Specialty Meats in North Vancouver, and hand-made straight from the heart. Next up is an amuse bouche that melts in your mouth. The Sable Fish Sliders come with scallion chutney, pancetta and citrus ginger liqueur mayo.

Time to upgrade the Moscow Mule to its farm to table version, the Farma C Mule. With its hemp seeds harvested from Vancouver Island, this libation blends organic hemp vodka with Farma C Ginger Beer, lime and fresh ginger leaf harvested in Lilloet. No copper cup necessary.

Check this. Mile One Eating House cures its Fraser Valley-raised duck overnight in dry brine of rock salt, fresh thyme, garlic cloves and peppercorns and slow cooks it in its own duck fat for a couple of hours to create an Asian-inspired Barbecue Yarrow Meadows Duck Leg with a refreshing Apple Cabbage Arugula Slaw and a Plum Liqueur Glaze. Mental.

Sipping a shot is always a great way to cleanse the palate before dessert. We were treated to a Riley Creek Sour – a pleasing blend of Organic Whisky, Plum Liqueur, roasted plum syrup, lemon and bitters. Enough said.

Word of the day: Nocino – a green walnut liqueur. Green walnuts are young and unripe nuts used to make espresso-like liqueurs. Sticky Toffee Pudding with Nocino Caramel…yes, please. Heavenly.

Dessert après dessert. This needs to happen more often. A sweeter shot sipper to cap the meal is the Aged Nut Nog with Vanilla-Infused Vodka, Nocino, Hazelnut Liquer, farm eggs, milk and cream, cane sugar, chocolate bitters and fresh nutmeg. Our holidays just got happier.

Strip away the upper level of the food supply chain and see the reason behind the pricing and involvement of a product. Via farmers, vendors and suppliers, Tyler and Randy offer insight to the thought, care, depth and people behind the scenes of their products and creations. Props to Pemberton.