La Glace Holiday Take-Home Treats

November 24, 2017
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La Glace brings delightful French elegance to holiday soirees and cozy winter nights with a festive line-up of seasonal ice creams, pastries and confections.

The fire is roaring, rain spatters dutifully outside your window and you manage to curl up with your cable knit throw as your significant other, soaked to the core, busts through the door. You think about getting up to greet the love of your life with a good squeeze, and you catch a glimpse of light blue bag with the La Glace logo on it. You wonder what’s in the bag? Could it be a selection of Yuletide take home pastries? Images of spicy gingerbread cookies, peppermint meringues with marshmallows and cardamom zucchini bundt cake sweetly pour into mind. Or could it be one of the limit-edition ice creams that would set off the pastries in unimaginably decadent ways?

Unfortunately for you, the bag was just being re-used as a lunch bag. What?! No!

The good news? As of November 24th you can send your partner packing to La Glace to pick up Pain d’Epices and Eggnog & Rum ice cream (while supplies last). Why not be the talk of the party or the host with the most? Or just take some self care time and indulge in rich, luxurious holiday desserts right now. It looks like you might be the one keeping the flame lit in the relationship anyway. Sigh.


About La Glace Ice Cream: 

All things are better shared with someone cherished – La Glace Artisanal Ice Cream is meticulously handcrafted in the French method by Vancouver pastry chef Mark Tagulao. Each detail of the parlour and salon de thé was thoughtfully designed with the hope of connecting people with one other.

La Glace offers scoops of sorbet along with dairy and vegan ice cream in a cup or cone; parfaits with seasonal and gourmet toppings; artisanal pastry pairings including cookies, sablés, and brioche; and keepsake milk-glass containers of ice cream to take home.

Open Wednesday through Sunday from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm, La Glace is located in the heart of the West Side at 2785 West 16th Avenue (16th and Macdonald—where Point Grey meets Kitsilano and Arbutus Ridge).