Secret Dining Society Does Cinco de Mayo

May 4, 2019
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A local chef with passion for food that evokes a sense of place and an award-winning bartender come together in Vancouver for a Cinco de Mayo inspired dinner hosted by Patron.

In cities around the globe, Patrón Tequila regularly throws awesome dinner events under the moniker Secret Dining Society. When an invitation to attend one such dinner landed in LIKE’s inbox, we happily accepted.

Some 40 guests arrived at The Ellis, a heritage building on Main Street that feels more Nashville than Vancouver, for an evening of drinks and conversation. The evening was inspired by Cinco de Mayo but the food was anything but typical Mexican fare.

This was no taco and quesadilla type of dinner. Instead we were treated to a culinary journey by chef Juno Kim and paired with three tasty cocktails by mixologist Amber Bruce. In the background, DJ beats and a swing for Instagram content kept everyone happy.



1.25 oz Roca Reposado
0.25 MARTINI Ambrato
0.5 oz Kumquat stock
0.5 oz Da Huang syrup
2 oz soda
Garnish: rhubarb curls
Ice: spear
Build all ingredients together in a Collins glass


1.3 oz Patrón Anejo
0.5 oz Happy Wine
0.5 oz Amari blend (cynar & averna)
0.25 Benedictine
2 dashes of red cardamom tincture
Ice: Waxed ice block
Stir all ingredients together over ice and strain over wax dipped ice block in an old fashioned glass


1.5 oz Roca Silver
1 oz Pear sake
0.5 oz Lime juice
0.75 mead syrup
2 dashes of absinthe
Garnish: Furikake
Dust furikake over the outer bowl of a Nick n’ Nora glass, shake ingredients together and strain into glass


Sobremesa in Jalisco
1.25 oz Patrón XO
3 oz Cold brew coffee
2.5 oz Horchata foam
Garnish: Horchata foam
Whip horchata with egg whites into a meringue
Add coffee and Patrón XO to a mug and top with horchata foam