Black Bamboo, A Popup Cocktail Bar

June 15, 2017
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Black Bamboo popup cocktail bar shakes up the Granville strip cattle call by blending healthy juice bar ingredients with your favourite choice of poison.

Saw your post on Instagram. The sun is shining gloriously outside. Why are you in a dark tiki bar?

Something about the words “cold-pressed juice cocktails” seemed to be lost on my husband when he texted me around 6pm on Friday night. I hadn’t intended to start my weekend with champagne mixed drinks and live saxophone, but sometimes life will surprise you.

My sister and I were the first to arrive at the Black Bamboo popup, around back of 1219 Granville street (the back entrance of Twelve West). While the event was, admittedly, not quite my scene – there’s something about the combo of crystal chandeliers and orchids that gives me feelings of imposter syndrome – the cocktails, with juice from Commodity Juicery, were a refreshing new mix of old classics.

The grapefruit cosmo

There’s nothing like knocking back a tangy conduit of vodka that takes the edge off of being a hipster with melting foundation in a club featuring tufted lounge furniture and brass instruments. Seriously, though, if you’ve got a hankering for healthy juice around happy hour, this is your drink. With my first sip I almost forgot the fact that our city just underwent 10 months of unrelenting rain.

The champaign potions

I loved the idea of potions as a child. As an adult, I can now have them without wasting my mom’s conditioner. The champagne came chilled, and accompanied by three adorable juice vials (mandarin orange ginger, pineapple lime and grapefruit strawberry) and fresh fruit, all on an Instagram-worthy silver tray. Lucky for us, we employed the services of our table-mate’s Insta-husband to hold the cell phone torch and render the otherwise dark room photograph-able.

The grub was, similarly, nothing to sneeze at: tuna poke samplers, prosciutto and ricotta toasts with jam and a mouthwatering deep-fried prawn. Would I go again? Certainly. I’d just wait until after sunset as this room is dark as Donald Trump’s heart. The Black Bamboo popup will be open every Friday and Saturday evening until September 30.