Assembli Pizza, Made Your Way

June 8, 2017
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Assembli pizza is a one-of-a-kind culinary concept that allows customers to custom build their pizzas and salads all at one set price.

What’s better than a hot, made-to-order pizza, a colourful salad bursting with fresh super food and a glass of wine? Still thinking? The simple answer is not much. Located a short jaunt from the Cambie Street Sky-train station, you can make a pit-stop on the way downtown for a show or pull over on the way home with the kids when you are too tired to cook. If that sounds like too much effort, just get the hot pizza pies and salads delivered. Bam.

Vancouver-based entrepreneur, Deanna Embury and her partners gave rise to the Assembli concept after several years sampling the best pizzerias the planet has to offer. We think they topped the crowded thin-crust pizza craze and then some.

First visit must-try-:

Smooth Crimini Kale, a savoury sauted mushroom, mouth-watering mozzarella, olive oil tossed kale, artichoke, red onion and white sauce culinary concoction.


Cauli Curry Spin, that oozes with yummy roasted cauliflower, mozzarella, spinach, green onion, cilantro, curry tomato sauce and yogurt drizzle. Need a napkin or are you just impersonating a hungry basset hound?

The salad to end all salads:

Try the Sexy Hippie. Brown rice and quinoa for the energy boost, roasted root veggies for a dose of nutrients and vitamins, throw in walnuts and some apple to keep the doctor away, all topped with ooey-gooey honey Dijon dressing. Clearly you are bulking right now, so some chicken protein is a necessary add on.

Don’t like to be told what to do? Make your own with a dazzlingly lengthy list of custom choices that offer possible topping permutations a mathematician would be proud of. Put the calculator away though, the pizzas are always $12.99 and the salads, $10.99 unless you go big ($12.99).

Go big, then go home, stuffed.