Heritage Asian Eatery

November 25, 2016
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With Heritage Asian Eatery, chef Felix Zhou helms a place of his own where the diverse flavours of the Far East shine in a friendly downtown Vancouver space.

In Vancouver, good places to eat Asian fare are a dime a dozen. But, quick, name one right in the heart of Vancouver’s Financial District where you can sit in a minimalist yet comfortable space and eat really good duck bao? If none come to mind, it’s time to stop by Heritage Asian Eatery, chef Felix Zhou’s first solo venture.

Though simple in design, the counter-service eatery is casual and welcoming, and can accommodate seating for 40. The look is farm industrial (did we just make that up?) and features the type of white walls, polished concrete floors, and black steel countertops you might find in an hipster boutique or cafe in Gastown. Reclaimed wood and millwork adds a touch of warmth and lend the space a communal vibe.

Zhou’s menu features an ever-changing array of local, sustainably sourced ingredients with a variety of Far East inspiration. For breakfast, you might dig into a Peking Duck, Pork Jowl or Mixed Mushroom crêpe and Cotechino Bowls. For lunch, there’s light and airy baos filled with duck and shiitake mushrooms. The Pork Belly and Salmon Poke Bowls are delicious.

Zhou sharpened his culinary skills in London’s Roganic by two-star Michelin chef Simon Rogan, and at Gavin La Chapelle. Back in Vancouver, he worked under the tutelage of chefs David Hawksworth and Warren Geraghty at West before leading the kitchens at The Parker, Big Trouble Chinatown, and Beach Bay Café. For his first restaurant, Zhou wanted to keep things fresh and simple and that translates not just to the look but also the menu, which showcases the type of food he grew up eating. “The restaurant not only honours my upbringing, but highlights my background working with the very best that the Pacific Northwest has to offer,” says Zhou, who moved to Vancouver from Mainland China as a young child. “In addition to offering our Asian-inspired baos and bowls for breakfast and lunch, we’re also extremely excited to welcome guests on evenings and weekends for special, one-off dinners and private events.”  

Heritage Asian Eatery 
1108 W. Pender St., Vancouver
Open 8am – 8pm, Monday – Friday
778-737-1108 | www.eatheritage.ca


Photos: Allison Kuhl