Jethro’s Fine Grub

August 23, 2015
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If your mission in life is to get bang for your buck – particularly when hung over – I’ve found the brunch spot for you. Open every day, Jethro’s Fine Grub serves up breakfast and lunch in a most uncomplicated way.

Jethro’s is snuggled between an alley and ‘Wonder Meatball’ (Taiwanese Food) on Fraser Street. You know you’re in hipster territory because the patrons are tattooed to the gills, they sport complicated facial hair, and roll up to this joint on their skateboards and single-speed bikes.

My skateboard safely retired somewhere in the garage, I arrived like any aging hipster with a toddler in tow would: in my Mazda CX5. My son and I (no, I was not hung over) met my two good friends Dave and Jon and were greeted by a sandwich board with bold ‘we serve bacon’ lettering and a do-it-yourself wait-list sign up. A server popped out to service the list and let us know we had about 10 minutes to wait.

Generally speaking, a line-up at a food joint means there is something worth waiting for inside. So we committed to finding out. As my son continued to terrorize hungry looking diners by chucking his matchbox cars at them, our name was called. The inside was, as you might expect, a well-loved neighbourhood greasy spoon that looked, well, well-loved and kinda greasy.

I ordered the bacon and eggs cooked over-easy with a side of rye toast. Dave ordered the southern fried steak, and Jon ordered two eggs and meat. A side stack of pancakes was in the cards for my son. An acceptable amount of time passed and our food came barreling out of the kitchen. My meal was delicious and hot (it’s pretty hard to screw up eggs). Dave absolutely loved his southern fried steak, which was a beaten up top sirloin battered, fried and served with gravy. Jon spoke of the joy his taste buds espoused, he even shared some chorizo sausage pieces around the table to confirm his findings.

When the side stack of pancakes came out, my son looked frightened. The brunchers at the table beside us LOL’d at the size of the pancakes in comparison to my wee offspring. The pancakes were massive, so massive that we took 93% home to feed to my sons cousins visiting from Winnipeg the next day.

Pleasantly stuffed, the consensus was unanimously positive. Tasty, unpretentious, affordable fine grub. Go check it out.